Serena Williams' Daughter Olympia Treats Her #GirlDad Alexis to a Manicure

Ever since Alexis Ohanian announced his decision to take extended paternity leave alongside wife Serena Williams, we’ve had a hunch he would be an awesome dad to daughter Olympia. Despite being a super busy entrepreneur, he’s an involved parent, too. Our latest example of his #GirlDad bona fides is an Instagram video he took of Olympia surprising him with a manicure.

“Seven, eight, nine, ten!” the smart 2-year-old counts to begin the video, before instructing her dad to place his hand on the paper in front of her. This confuses him at first, until she makes her intentions clear and starts to paint his nails purple.

“What?” Ohanian asks. “Olympia, you giving me nail polish? Is papa wearing nail polish? What do you know about nail polish?”

The little artist does not answer her father’s queries as she diligently works away. She gets creative and adds some orange to one nail and paints a stripe on his hand.

“All right, there you go — business dad life,” he concludes. “You’re proud of yourself, aren’t you?”

Really, it’s Ohanian who is proud, as he indicates in his caption that his venture capital firm Initialized should invest in her future in nail art. We love how he’s looking at his daughter’s work as a business, however jokingly, not just a girly pastime to make things look pretty.

Ohanian has been doing more to make fatherhood a part of his work life lately. He now has a podcast called Business Dad that dares to ask “the most successful men across business, sports, entertainment, and more” how they balance work and family life.

“Working moms are asked this question incessantly, but it’s rarely asked of working dads,” reads the podcast’s About page. “After Alexis Ohanian’s daughter Olympia was born, it took months before he was asked about work-life balance and the inevitable trade-offs of being a working parent.”

We would expect nothing less of Serena Williams’ husband … and we should also expect nothing less of our own.

Alexis Ohanian is just one of the many celeb dads we love.

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