Olivia Munn’s Baby Malcolm Reached a New Milestone & Even He Can’t Stop Laughing at How Cute He Is

Every parent longs for the day when their child can finally express themselves. Sure, we get pretty good at differentiating between a newborn’s cries, but still, a clear direction would be nice. That is, until it happens — and your baby repeats a certain two-letter word non-stop. Olivia Munn revealed that her 15-month-old son Malcolm Hiep Mulaney, whom she shares with John Mulaney, reached a new conversational milestone, and it might be the cutest thing we’ve seen today.

“This is the first time Malcolm ever said no and even he couldn’t take himself seriously. 😆” The Hit-Monkey actress wrote on Instagram. The video is a close-up of Malcolm’s face as he looks at the camera, points directly at it, and says, “NO!” 

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Munn and Mulaney can be heard trying to stifle their giggles in the background. “No, no, no!” he whines as he looks at the phone. Then at one point, he scrunches up his eyebrows and says “No,” this time making Mulaney burst out in laughter. Malcolm then giggles, showing his cute little teethers. He knows how cute he is! 

“When he pushes it to far the with the last ‘no.’” Munn wrote on the caption. The baby tried to be serious, but he knew how ridiculous he was being by the end, and it is so cute. 

The Gateway actress also shared some background on why her son was saying “no” in the first place. “He wanted the phone but we made a new rule: no more phones or tablets unless it’s a code red emergency like a long travel day. 📱🙅🏻‍♀️,” she explained in her caption. 

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry backs this decisionl. They recommend limiting screen time for babies 18 months and under to video chatting with an adult; watching educational programming only for kids between 18 and 24 months, and limiting non-educational screen time to about one hour per weekday and three hours on weekend days for kids ages 2-5. 

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Of course, everyone has different rules and limits when it comes to screens, and for Munn and Mulaney, they just want to keep him away from the phones and tablets as much as possible. 

People were praising this parenting decision. “What a beautiful babe. Already expressing himself verbally!” one person wrote. “Well done with the screen decision. It’s so hard, but watching their imagination flourish is worth it. 😍🥰”

Another wrote, “His little smile at the end, we are all NOT okay! 🥹😍”

Others had a little warning for the parents: “Welcome to the No stage! It lasts a while 😏,” one person said. And yes, yes, it does. At least Malcolm is so cute when he expresses himself! 

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