Olivia Munn’s Baby Malcolm Has the Most Gorgeous Blue Eyes in New Photos

Usually, Olivia Munn’s 20-month-old son Malcolm looks just like his mama — right down to his sleek fashion sense! — but in new photos, we can tell he got one major feature from his dad John Mulaney.

The Hit-Monkey star posted two new photos of her baby boy on Instagram today, and all we can see are his gorgeous blue eyes.

“Little blue eyes 🩵🩵,” Munn captioned the post. In the photos, they are big and bold, looking off into the distance like a baby model. He has light blonde/brown hair, rosy cheeks, and light pink lips. In the pictures, he rests his chin on his hand like he’s posing for a fashion magazine. How could you ever say no to those striking eyes? Munn is definitely in trouble!


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Mulaney commented on the post, “He’s the best.” This sweet little boy attracted comments from other celebrities too.

Gabrielle Union also left a sweet comment, “❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.” Jeannie Jenkins said, “He’s pondering 😍😍😍😍.”

Amanda Seyfried wrote, “Ridiculous 😍.”

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“Melting!! ❤️” Melanie Lynskey said. Jamie Chung wrote, “😍.”

Whitney Cummings simply said, “My god.” This baby is just too cute for his own good!

Last month, the Newsroom alum and Mulaney took their baby to the beach, where they had the most relatable struggle.

“It takes two adults to put sunscreen on one toddler,” Munn wrote on Instagram. “And we didn’t even do a good job.” Ah, we have all been there!

Earlier today, Munn shared another peek into their summer fun: hanging out in the background. She posted a selfie from her backyard, where you can see a toddler slide and basketball hoop in the background. It has tons of shade — she doesn’t even need to wear sunglasses — so it seems like a much easier place to hang out with baby M than the beach. We completely understand!

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