Jeannie Mai Jenkins Has Finally Given the World a Good Look at Baby Monaco

Jeannie Mai Jenkins has officially introduced her 5-month-old daughter Monaco to the world. The talk show host shared sweet pictures on her Instagram and posted a video to YouTube that gives fans an adorable, candid look at her little one.

Footage includes shots of Monaco shortly after being born, close-ups of her tiny hands, her first smiles, napping, eating and taking her first plane ride.

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Jenkins told fans that this was “the most exciting episode” she had ever done for her YouTube channel. It was also very nerve-wracking. “I got really scared, guarded and protected,” she said. “Please excuse the nerves.”

The former Real host opened up to PEOPLE last month about her struggles with postpartum anxiety.  “The new mom anxiety is real and I wasn’t prepared for the hit of it,” she told the outlet. “Here I am going through postpartum with worries, with heart palpitations, with an inability to sleep, and I was like, ‘I’m not depressed; I’m actually super stoked and happy, but I’m worried and really anxious and fidgety,’ and I didn’t know what it was.”

Jenkins added that figuring out her diagnosis has helped her mental health. The panicked moments still come but she’s learning how to manage them.  “Now that I know what it is, I still get anxiety attacks, but I’m aware that it’s just a phase,” she explained. Her husband, rapper Jeezy, has also been instrumental in helping her feel safe and calm. He’s there for the diaper changes, the feedings and making sure that Jenkins can get her naps in.

The new mom shared the news that she had given birth back in January, with an Instagram photo of a baby blanket. “I asked God for a life of love and happiness. He sent me my family,” she captioned the post. “Baby Jenkins is here.”

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.

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