Jason & Kylie Kelce's Legendary Comeback Video Following Parenting Criticism Has Us Cackling

Jason and Kylie Kelce are trolling their haters in the wake of receiving criticism for “playing fetch” with their kids, and it’s an absolute masterclass in how to reclaim a false narrative spread on social media.

On Tuesday, the NFL and Philadelphia Eagles, for whom Jason plays center, shared a video of the dad of three playing with his two eldest daughters during training camp. He took turns lobbing balls across the field for Wyatt, 3, and Elliotte, 2, to chase after and bring back to him while he sat on the field.

Many people were quick to say Jason was “playing fetch” with the toddlers, but if you listen to the video with the audio up, you can hear to professional football player counting as his girls run to the ball and back to him — making it pretty obvious they were competing in the popular toddler game of “who can run faster.”

Kylie called this out on her Instagram Story after the “fetch” narrative took over the comments of the original video. “Just say you don’t have toddlers,” she wrote, adding, “If you listen, you can hear him counting. So technically, they are racing.”

On Wednesday, the couple decided to fully lean into the ridiculousness of it all by posting a hilarious follow-up video aimed at the parenting critics. Shared on Kylie’s Instagram Story, the short clip shows their daughter Elliotte and an adorable puppy on the football field alongside Jason.

The center repeatedly commands both the dog and his daughter to “sit,” pointing back and forth between them and adding “Good job, Ellie” when his 2-year-old plops down. Then, in an encouraging tone, he says, “Now roll over! Roll over!” Kylie cheekily captioned the video, “Practiced fetch on Tuesday… Today was basic commands.” Looks like the Kelces are barking the last laugh, and we can’t help but cackle too.

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