Delightful & Daring Baby Names Beginning With 'D'

Don’t you dare deign to dub your delicious little dude or dudette with a dull denomination, dammit. Translation: No more boring baby names, please! There are just too many darling and daring names out there to decide on something dreary, people. Which is precisely why we’ve done the dirty work and dug up designations that will in no way disparage your new dear descendant. (That’s your baby, FYI.)

Since we already brought you adorable “A” names, beautiful “B” names, and classic “C” names, it’s only right for us to dive into “D” names that are destined to dazzle — from dependable options like David and Diana to up-to-date dynamos like Dax and Dillon. With deep-rooted definitions from different cultures (and Netflix shows, duh), these dashing names are a damned delight.

Classic “D” names for girls

This directory dawns with a drove of our favorite flower names — because nature is always a prime source of name inspiration in our books.

  • Dahlia: Norse name meaning “from the valley”
  • Daisy: Means “the day’s eye,” also the white-and-yellow bloom
  • Daphne: A Greek name meaning “laurel tree”
  • Delphine: Another Greek one, meaning “of the Delphi palace” — also a flower
  • Dara: A Cambodian name meaning “stars” for your bright lil’ star
  • Darla: Not just for Little Rascals anymore!
  • Deborah: A Biblical prophetess who wrote a victory song — sounds like we could all use a Deborah right about now
  • Donna: Josh! Toby! Sam! CJ! Sorry, we digress.
  • Dorothy: Means “God’s gift,” also means “made it to Oz & back in one piece,” so props
  • Dolores: Spanish name meaning “sorrow,” but she’s so much more than that!
  • Diane/Diana: Ross, Vreeland, Princess…take your badass lady pick
  • Darlene: means “darling,” also from Ozark

Trendy “D” names for girls

  • Davina: Meaning “cherished”
  • Daria: Your ’90s self just smiled
  • Darcia: Means “dark” for your badass goth gal
  • Divya: A Hindi name meaning “divine”
  • Daniella: The feminine form of Daniel, you know, that lion’s-den survivor inside all of us
  • Delphine/Delphina/Delfina: Another name with Greek roots (they’re all the rage these days)
  • Delilah: Hey there, what’s it like in New York City?
  • Durrah: Muslim name meaning “large pearl”

Unisex “D” names

  • Dana: Meaning “wise,” this one used to be a boy’s name, then a girl’s name, now an anybody’s name
  • Darby: Just add Darby O’Gill and the Little People to your family movie watch list, okay?
  • Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice name makes perfect sense (and sensibility)
  • Dawson: Yes, this one shot up in the spotlight thanks to James Van Der Beek
  • Dylan/Dillon: Means “loyal” and works for any gender
  • Dixie: Peaked in popularity in 1938 but making a comeback for all genders
  • Drew: No longer just for dudes (or Nancy); Olympian Shawn Johnson just named her daughter Drew

Classic “D” names for boys

  • Darwin: Means “dear friend,” also Charles is a pretty smart namesake
  • David: Means “beloved”
  • Daniel: Means “God is my judge” and isn’t she just
  • Darrel: Meaning “open,” and we need more open-minded humans now okay?
  • Donovan: Celtic name meaning “strong fighter”
  • Dominic: This used to be reserved for kids born on Sundays, but now anybody can have it!
  • Diego: The Spanish equivalent of “James” and always a classic
  • Damien: From French meaning “one who tames”
  • Douglas: A Scottish name meaning “black river,” which sounds badass, no?
  • Duncan: from Shakespeare and also House of Cards, meaning “dark warrior”

Trendy “D” names for boys

  • Dash: This one is definitely rising among the celeb set
  • Dax: Shepard is of one of the best celeb dads out there, we think
  • Dwayne/Dwyane: Speaking of best celeb dads…
  • Declan: An Irish name meaning “famous bearer”
  • Damon: Means “loyal friend” in Latin
  • Dexter: Not just for serial killers, don’t worry
  • Denim: Yes, it’s a name now. Go wild!
  • Diesel: Diesel Dean is the son of Olympian Jennie Finch
  • Duke: Son of E! News host Giuliana Rancic
  • Dustin: Meaning “brave warrior or Thor’s stone,” and don’t forget Stranger Things

If Duncan sparked your fancy, here’s further proof that Netflix is all you need to find the perfect baby name.

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