Celebrities With Two Kids Under Two

Are there any more nerve-wracking words than two babies under two? Double the diapers, double the crying, double the feeding, double the sleep schedule management. If that sounds like you, know that you’re so not alone. These celebrities have also pulled double duty with two little ones and lived to tell the tale! In fact, one of the stars below is actually loving the two under two lifestyle.

From Nick Cannon to Kristin Wiig, we took a look at some A-listers who are raising multiple babies at the same time. Yes, it’s definitely difficult. But there’s also all the rewards that come along with it. For one, you get so many extra bonus points for doing impressive feats like the one Ashley Graham is rocking below. “Double fisting 😂,” the supermodel quipped.


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Also, you join the very elite club of parents who have lost their minds from the schedule of having multiple babies but are hoofing through it in style. Like Jamie Chung.

Becoming a parent is the best thing that will happen to you, they said,” the actress wrote on her Instagram page, alongside a video of her looking deeply exhausted. “This is what it’s really like raising twin 5 month old babies. Had a good morning cry, ran away for a 45 min workout and now I can laugh about it. If you emailed me and haven’t heard a reply, I thank in advance you for your patience.”


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