Wash fruit and veg with soap before eating ‘to protect against coronavirus’

During the coronavirus pandemic, Brits have been warned to go home.

You should only leave the house if it’s “essential” to do so – like if you need to do a food shop.

Heading to your local supermarket poses risks as you may come into contact with someone who has COVID-19.

The virus can also be left behind on surfaces, so it’s important to wash your hands before and after you head outside.

According to a virologist, you should also make sure to disinfect products that you pick up in shops.

Washing loose items – like fruit and veg – may help to protect against coronavirus.

Virologist Timothy Newsome, who is an associate professor at the University of Sydney, urged shoppers to be cautious.

He told FEMAIL : “We have to remember that every surface is potentially contaminated. And like with any surface there is a risk.

“We don't see it as high risk because that comes from sustained contact with other people, but nonetheless it's important to be mindful.”

The expert recommends washing loose items when you bring them home.

Potatoes, apples and peppers are among the products you should rinse with soap and water.

Timothy advised: “Wash them with warm soapy water, just as you do your hands.”

This isn’t the only health advice you should follow when you head to the supermarket.

When social distancing, it’s important to keep two metres between yourself and others.

This means queuing further apart at the checkouts.

Heading out at quieter times and allowing others to move around you is also advisable.

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You should also keep up to date with information on the Public Health England website.

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