Shawn Johnson's Husband Andrew East Hospitalized After Fainting During a Workout

Shawn Johnson East’s husband, Andrew East, was recently hospitalized after he fainted during a workout.

In a video on the couple’s shared YouTube channel, East, 28, explained the details of his medical emergency while Johnson East, 27, cradled their one-month-old daughter Drew Hazel.

“With the newborn, Shawn and I have been getting less sleep than we usually do,” East explained. “With the less sleep we have been drinking more caffeine. Shawn now, not being pregnant anymore, is getting back into wine. Which means I am getting back into wine. Which means we’re more dehydrated than we usually are.”

“More stressed out. Trying to balance work and everything,” added Johnson East.

The football player explained that he had a workout planned with two friends at 6 a.m. Before they came over, he headed down to their in-house gym to begin the workout by lifting a 185 lb. bar.

“The first movement that I did, which again was not great, after I rolled out of bed was deadlift and clean this 185 lb. bar. I get lightheaded when I stand up or drink too much caffeine,” he explained.

East explained on his Instagram post, “As soon as I put the bar on the rack, I went from being fully conscious to nothing. That began this one hour-long period where I don’t remember anything.”

The athlete, who noted that something like this had never happened during his time in the NFL, said that he was unconscious on the ground for several minutes before his friends arrived and found him.

“As soon as they roll in they see this puddle of blood,” he recalled. “They’re trying to figure out what happened. Trying to figure out if I need to go to the hospital. The decision was made that I do need to go to the ER. Again, I have no idea what is happening. Don’t know who I am, where I am.”

Johnson East explained that she had been asleep when her husband was unconscious. After receiving a call that he was taken the hospital, she called her parents to watch their daughter and headed down to the gym to retrieve the footage of her husband fainting, which she sent over to his doctor.

The YouTube video then highlighted footage from the hospital, which showed East with blood on his head in a hospital bed as Johnson East remained by his side.

Andrew East

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“Are you mad at me?” East humorously asked his wife several times, to which she finally responded, “You need to stop asking that question.”

East explained to the camera that he got nine staples in his head. “Five of the nine felt fantastic. Didn’t feel at all. Four of the staples sucked. Felt every inch of that,” he said.

The couple recalled that they grew even more concerned after a doctor asked East to stay overnight due to an irregularity from his EKG.

“You do have an irregular unnatural heart beat. It just so happens that Andrew’s ticks differently,” Johnson East explained to the camera.

“I was just terrified,” East admitted.

But after staying overnight, the doctors said there were no issues with his heart and he was cleared to go home.

“As soon as I heard Shawn cry and watch the video of me being full present and then gone like that, I realized we have a daughter now who depends on us for her life,” East said. “I have a wife who, you’d be fine without me, but you have a kid to take care of as well.”

“I don’t want to take anything for granted,” he added. “Every second I have with my child is precious, and every second with my wife is precious. Every second worth living is a second to be grateful for.”

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