Science: cats reflect the personality of your holder

If the cat is always in a bad mood, you should consider his personality

“Like the dog, so the Mr. Chen,” the people’s mouth. That this wisdom can be transferred to cats, recently showed a large English study. A study of more than 3,000 cat owners confirmed that cats can see the personality of their owners reflect.

Researchers from the Nottingham Trent University and the University of Lincoln investigated whether the personalities of the caregiver influences the behaviour and well-being of your furry roommate. The results show that there are Parallels between the personality of the cat owners and the animals. The study was recently published in the prestigious scientific journal “Plos one”.

The behaviour of the owner does not pass without a trace on the animals

Similar to previous studies on the parent-child relationship, the new study shows that the behavior of the cat track is the owner of lots of animals over. During the research, the personality were determined characteristics of the Participants and the behavior of the animals compared.

Cats as a soul mirror

Participating in the personality test had a high level of Neuroticism, the dog showed more behavior problems. They were, on average, more aggressive, anxious and stressed. Neuroticism is regarded in psychology as one of the five major personality traits, and determined, among other things, the tendency to nervousness, irritability, moodiness, the tendency to sadness and melancholy, satisfaction, as well as the sensitization to Stress in a Person.

Conscientiousness makes cats gently

Another personality value that has a strong influence on the cats, is the conscience. This value indicates, for example, information on the degree of self-control, accuracy, sense of purpose, of Duty, performance, aspiration, self-discipline and prudence. Part at the end with a high value in conscientiousness cats that were more trusting and less fearful and aggressive behavior showed have had to take increased.

Cats are like family members

“Many owners consider their Pets as a member of the family and form close social ties with them,” says study co-author Dr. Lauren Finka from the Nottingham Trent University, in a press release of the study results. Therefore, it is very Likely that the way how we deal with the animals, it also influences the personality of the cats.

Further studies have to deliver the final proof

“More and more we are learning that the well is determined to go from house animals, due to the underlying nature of the owner,” adds Professor Mark Farnworth. But so far, it was still an observation. Further investigations are required, the connection causal. (vb)