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Mini Salami from Lidl may contain foreign body

A Salami Snack that was offered in some Lidl stores, may contain blue pieces of Foil. The Federal office for consumer protection and food safety and the Lidl Deutschland GmbH, warn against the consumption of the product. The article in question, article will be called back.

The Mini-Salami “Dulano delicious Mini-Salami-Snack sort. Classic“ in the 250 grams packaging from the manufacturer Schwarz Cranz GmbH & Co. KG may contain a foreign body and will be called back. The affected product has the date of minimum durability 31. In may 2020, the lot number L2325031007 and the identification mark DE NI 10921 EC. The article was offered in the case of Lidl-stores in Parts of Berlin, Brandenburg, lower Saxony, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

Product should not be consumed

For reasons of consistent consumer protection, Lidl Germany has responded immediately and the affected product from sale,“ writes Lidl in a consumers information on the company’s website. Customers should be aware of the recall and the product never consume. Instead, it could be in all Lidl stores returned. The purchase price will be refunded, of course – even without submission of receipts.

Similar products are not affected

The Lidl Deutschland GmbH, stresses that only the above-mentioned product in the above-mentioned regions is affected by the recall. Other Lidl products sold, other article from the manufacturer Schwarz Cranz GmbH & Co. KG were not affected by the recall.

“The manufacturers of Schwarz Cranz GmbH & Co. KG apologizes to all Concerned for the inconvenience“, according to Lidl Deutschland GmbH.