Psst…You Can Snag A Ninja High-Speed, Multi-Purpose Blender For $99 Right Now

  • Ninja’s Supra Kitchen Blender System with Food Processor is on sale for $70 off at Walmart.
  • It normally costs $169.99, but now it’s only $99.
  • The blender features Total Crushing Technology, a 72-ounce blender jar, and an 8-cup food processor.

Never underestimate the power of a great kitchen gadget. The right accessory—you know, something that can blend, puree, and chop in one fell swoop—can not only save you plenty of counter space, but it can also make your time spent in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. And if you can find a great gadget on sale? All the better.

If you’re looking to up your green smoothie game or make delicious and nutritious soups this winter, you’re in luck: Walmart is offering $70 off Ninja’s Supra Kitchen Blender System with Food Processor. Normally, Ninja’s Supra Kitchen Blender System would cost $169.99, but today this gadget only costs $99. A sleek, multi-purpose blender for under $100? That’s a win for our kitchen and wallet.

It’s not hard to see why Ninja’s blender system has received more than 150 five-star reviews on Walmart. Though this option looks like any other blender at first glance, it’s equipped with a special Total Crushing Technology that makes it possible to crush ice, whole fruits, and veggies in seconds. (Impressive, huh?) In addition to its 72-ounce blender jar, Ninja’s gadget comes with a large, 8-cup food processor. Simply press down the button, and Ninja’s blender system will take care of the rest.

Whether you want to whip up a protein-packed post-workout smoothie or chop up some veggies as you meal prep, Ninja’s blender system can handle whatever your recipe throws its way. (Oh, and hot tip: A high-speed blender/food processor is a kitchen must-have for vegans.)

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