Protection from wasp stings: wasps can keep

Do not blow into: Helpful tips for dealing with wasps

Hardly it is warm, buzzing of the wasps back to us. Warm time is wasp time. The stings of wasps are mostly harmless, for people with insect sting Allergy, but they can be a major health hazard. An expert explains how you can in front of wasp and from wasp stings to protect.

Drought and heat make for a good wasp year

The dry weather of the last months has ensured that there is in this the summer of many wasps. Since the beginning of August, the yellow-and-black insects have strengthened over fruit, cake, juice and ice cream. The enjoyment of sweet foods under the open sky can be quickly uncomfortable. However, the encounter with the uninvited guests is not a reason to panic. The landesbund für vogelschutz in Bayern (LBV) gives some helpful tips on how to behave in the case of wasps visit to properly and effectively before the stitches can protect.

Wasp stings can be dangerous

Wasp stings are not only painful, but can cause an Allergy, even to death. And even in Non-allergic people, they can be sometimes life-threatening, for example if you happen in the mouth or throat area.

To avoid wasp stings, you should keep the insects as possible away from you. Can help, among other things, a line of water-filled atomizer.

If wasps are sprayed with the atomized water, think you, the rain it starts and take refuge, therefore, in her Nest, declared TCA press spokesman Markus Erlwein.

Keep calm and frantic movements to avoid

Of certain alleged Tricks to wasps to keep away from the counsels of the TCA. So covered copper coins are on the table useless.

“Catching falling or Ablenkfutter even have a negative impact, as more animals are attracted,” explains the TCA speaker.

“Especially during a Thunderstorm or at the end of the time-of-flight, the importunity increases for many wasps. Then you best get out of the way.“

If this does not work, it is important to keep calm if a wasp to come close. Frantic or panicked movements should be avoided in the vicinity of the insects.

“The wasp not blow, because the carbon dioxide in the breath is an alarm signal for the animals and puts them in attack mood,” says Erlwein.

Wasps react in search of food anyway, usually not aggressive. They defend themselves when they feel threatened.

Simple Rules Of Conduct

In the message of the TCA there are more simple rules of behavior that help to avoid unpleasant incidents:

For example, food and drinks should be covered in the Free and all the leftovers are put away after the BBQ party immediately.

“It is also important to leave the children with a straw and drink them after the meal, the face and the hands don’t wipe off the wasps to attract,” says Erlwein.

Wasps can be attracted also smells like a fragrant perfume, creams and wood furniture Polish. But also colorful, flowery clothes for your appeal. Furthermore, you should always keep the garbage and compost covered.

Grid or a flying space lock, such as, for example, a curtain to the entrance door, are useful to keep the wasps out of the apartment and the house.

Easy home remedies have proven themselves

But sometimes all the good tips will not help and the question is, what to do when a wasp has stung?

The sting is yet to be seen, he should be gently pulled with the forceps out. Thereafter, the part of the body around the bite with cold compresses and cool, so that the swelling subsides faster.

In the case of insects in the mouth ice cubes are not stitches to Suck an advantage, so that the respiratory tract swell up.

As a home remedy for wasp stings, also onions or slices of lemon that are placed on the affected areas.

Experts also recommend the own saliva, is rubbed on the bite, as well as Aloe Vera, fresh plantain, Clove, changing from alumina and water and vinegar, or herbs from the garden such as parsley or Basil. (ad)