Patrick Schwarzenegger Doesn\u2019t Believe in Diets

Most of us forget about our New Year’s resolutions as soon as February comes around. But actor/model Patrick Schwarzenegger has no trouble keeping up with his, thanks to the hundreds of people personally holding him accountable every day. For the latest installment of Gym & Fridge, Men’s Health met up with the 27-year-old at his Los Angeles home to discuss how he’s maintaining his fitness and health goals.

With a new role in an Amazon miniseries approaching, Schwarzenegger entered 2021 with the task of bulking up—25 pounds more to be exact. In order to keep up with his goals, the actor and model created a 5 a.m. crew of nearly 500 people to make sure he hits his morning workouts.

After checking in with a selfie, Schwarzenegger is in his home gym working out five or six days a week, honing in on his legs and upper back. Taking the advice of his dad and fitness icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, he tries to keep in mind one valuable lesson for maintaining discipline: “When you don’t slack off in the gym, you probably won’t slack off in other areas of your life.”

But the real way the younger Schwarzenegger has been bulking up is through his stomach. While he’s not a strong believer in trendy diets, he said he adopted a meal plan that’s healthy overall (which may or may not include an occasional pint of ice cream).

“I’m just trying to get more calories, more protein, and more complex carbs in my system,” he said. “I’m also trying to eat something before my workouts to have enough energy to get through the workout. Before, it was always an empty stomach and trying to use the fasting to burn off fat.”

At the beginning of the year, Schwarzenegger started at 162 pounds. Now, he weighs in at 184 pounds. The actor said he wants to add another five pounds to his frame over the next six weeks. We’re thinking the 50 pints of ice cream he keeps in his fridge might help.

Here’s an inside look at the actor’s daily meal plan, and ways you can join in on the fun:

• 5 a.m.: Protein bar

• 8 a.m. : A large smoothie

• 10:30 a.m.: Breakfast with eggs, vegetables and sausage

• 1 p.m. : Protein-heavy lunch with pre-packaged meals from Trifecta

• 4 p.m.: Peanut butter and jelly smoothie

• 5:30 p.m.: Beef jerky snack

• 7 p.m.: Dinner with meat, vegetables and some sort of carb

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