More than every third person with Diabetes is a pain in the developed disease

A consequence of this disease: More than a third of diabetics develop a neuropathy

According to health experts, living in Germany, around 7.6 million diabetics. The disease can lead to numerous secondary diseases. One of them is the “diabetic neuropathy”. Almost one-third of people with Diabetes developed a nerve disease.

Disease can lead to numerous secondary diseases to

In Germany, approximately 7.6 million people are affected, according to a analysis of Diabetes. The disease can lead to numerous secondary diseases. Often, Diabetes is caused in the course of time diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as heart attack or chronic heart weakness. The nervous system is affected.

According to health experts, more than one in three people with Diabetes can develop a nervous disorder. (Image: Kwangmoo/

A Wide Variety Of Complaints

As the non-profit health organisation diabetesDE – Deutsche Diabetes-explained the help in a message, the “diabetic neuropathy” is vessels in addition to changes in the blood, the retina of the eye and the kidneys, a common consequence of disease in type 1 Diabetes and type 2.

On average, a nerve disorder developed more than one in every three diabetics in this country. This can affect all organ systems of the body and a variety of complaints.

These include pain include sensations like “pins and needles miss” on the skin, leg cramps, muscle weakness or numbness in the feet.

Serious Consequences

In one of diabetesDE – German Diabetes help Video published in the framework of the series “Diabetes life takes time”, reported a Concerned about her life, with the consequence of disease, polyneuropathy.

In this so-called “peripheral neuropathy” are in most cases affected the nerves of the feet and legs, and sometimes the nerves in the hands and arms.

Symptoms can be pain in the affected limbs, such as toes, feet, or fingers. However, sometimes, the neuropathy is also painful or even without any discomfort.

This can have particularly on the feet with serious consequences: Because of depressed or absent sensitivity of the affected limb causes pressure, ulcers, severe Calluses, injuries or burns.

Damage to the nervous system that usually remain unnoticed for a long time

According to the report of diabetesDE – German Diabetes help around a third of all people with Diabetes type 1 or type 2 in the course of the disease time also damage to the arbitrary or autonomic nervous system.

They formed already in an early disease phase and often pass unnoticed for a long time.

“The cause can be a over the years, poor Metabolic control with high blood sugar,” said Professor Dr. med. Thomas Haak, member of the Board of diabetesDE – German Diabetes-aid, and chief physician at the Diabetes centre Mergentheim.

“The formation mechanisms are, however, very individual and complex. Not Affected disease to blame for his Diabetes itself, or such a consequence,“ the diabetologist.

As a diabetic neuropathy prevention

In addition to the peripheral shape of the “autonomic neuropathy”. This can affect virtually any organ system.

“Nerve changes in organs and cause symptoms that can also occur in other diseases and the need to exclude the doctor,” explained Professor Haak.

“Are affected, for example, esophagus and stomach, include dysphagia, Nausea, vomiting, bloating and low blood sugar after meals for symptoms.”

Patients with Diabetes can prevent diabetic neuropathy by maintaining good blood sugar values, any excess weight to reduce, do not smoke, and at least once a year for a checkup. (ad)