Merkel criticized the careless behavior of the Germans in Corona-crisis

The spread of the Virus keeps Germany and the world continue to breath. More than four million people have, until now, with the novel Virus-causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 infected – 169.857 of them in Germany.

TOP NEWS: Merkel criticized for careless conduct of the German

Chancellor Angela Merkel has also sent a reminder in the face of demonstrations against conditions in the Corona-crisis caution in dealing with the pandemic. It had been reported that many people were shopping at the weekend without the protective masks, said Merkel, according to information from the German press-Agency groups of Participants on Monday in a video unlock of the CDU Presidium. Part of this behavior had been seen as a test of courage, criticised the Chancellor. The commandment to be still, to comply with the applicable spacing rules.

Merkel said, therefore, further, only in two to three weeks, you will know how the past week decided on had locker numbers of Corona-restrictions on the Infection. They have also announced to speak this Wednesday in the Bundestag with the government survey again for the Federal government, the relevant measures for the classification of the pandemic is what is happening. Merkel and the Federal government had last been held to have different metrics for confusion.

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn highlighted according to this information, in Turn, Germany had so far been so successful in dealing with the pandemic, because the citizens would have held to the restrictions. He called on the people, the hygiene standards continue to be complied with.

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