INTEGRA’s pipetting solutions help Axis Healthcare to support patients in overcoming opioid addiction

Axis Healthcare, a family-run care facility in Oklahoma, has introduced VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes from INTEGRA Biosciences into its PCR laboratory workflows. These multichannel pipettes offer the laboratory a straightforward and easy-to-use liquid handling solution to provide accurate and high throughput testing as part of a holistic strategy to support patients in overcoming opioid addiction.

Axis Healthcare offers services ranging from primary care and pain management to dermatology and behavioral health, but the ongoing opioid epidemic in the United States means that the laboratory receives high numbers of samples to be tested each week.

Daniel Bergner, General Supervisor of the laboratory at Axis Healthcare, explained how VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes boost productivity in the PCR laboratory: “Our laboratory is multifaceted. In addition to toxicology testing, we offer PCR assays for COVID-19, as well as testing for urinary tract infections and a variety of other conditions. The VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes are a key part of our PCR workflows, maximizing our productivity as we face immense pressure and testing demands.”

During the pandemic, point-of-care testing escalated quickly. INTEGRA’s multichannel pipetting solutions allowed us to quickly increase our capacity, and they continue to boost our testing capabilities today. The electronically adjustable tip spacing simplifies sample reformatting, allowing us to transfer multiple samples between labware of different formats in a single step. We can perform complex analyses – such as liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), drug confirmations and PCR – in high volumes, and have absolute confidence in what we are doing because of the accuracy and precision of the pipettes. As we look to the future, we may begin using the pipettes in our toxicology laboratory in addition to our PCR laboratory. We know that we can rely on INTEGRA to provide ongoing assistance and further automation as needed, helping us to keep supporting patients in their battle against opioid addiction.” 

Daniel Bergner, General Supervisor of Laboratory, Axis Healthcare


INTEGRA Biosciences

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