Hygiene error: This toilet bug happens almost all the human day on the toilet

Toilet visit: the failure of pathogen spread when flushing

Wr speaks about his toilet? Most of the people assume some of the habits in the toilet, as you have learned from the parents. After that, the topic of toilet is taboo. This is exactly why but most of them do of us hygiene errors, which promote diseases. In this article we describe the most common errors and solutions.

Pathogens on the toilet

For many people it is unpleasant, public restroom. Finally, could await many pathogens. But also in the domestic toilet germs may be lurking. And, among other things, due to an error the most of the toilet visitors.

In front of the toilet lid, flush, close

It can be on the Loo sometimes something unhygienic, it is the most people clear. Some therefore place toilet paper on the toilet seat to protect yourself from germs.

Of a but is not considered by the vast majority of people:

When rinsing necessarily the toilet seat should be closed.

It also advises the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) on your Portal “infektionsschutz.de” “Prior to the flush on the toilet and close the lid.”

Then the toilet seat and a toilet brush to remove dirt.

“The conditioner after the Closing of the toilet lid, press again. By the Closing of the lid should be avoided when flushing pathogens in the environment to be sprayed,“ said the experts.

Gastro-intestinal diseases threaten

Also, the specialist for Hygiene and environmental medicine , Dr. med. Ernst Tabori, recommends this hygiene rule. In an article In the Online newspaper “Huffington Post”, he explains: “When rinsing it comes to a spray cloud.”

“A lot of gut germs that hide in smaller drops, reach to the surfaces in the bathroom,” says the expert of the German Advisory centre for Hygiene.

The pathogens syringes, among other things, on towels, toothbrushes, and other Hygiene and personal care products that are in the room.

If it dries then, for example, with the towel or with the toothbrush clean the teeth, the bacteria in the body and in the worst case, a gastro-intestinal disease. (ad)