Hot the hunger and cravings stop

Table of contents

  • Uncontrollable hunger – What’s behind it?
  • Hot hunger due to magnesium deficiency?
  • Hot hungry because of a bad mood?
  • Healthy gut against hunger
  • Fats provide a stable Psyche, thus reducing hunger
  • Hot hunger stop, of course
  • Hot-hunger-stop – Magnesium cover
  • Hot-hunger-stop – Healthy fatty acids food
  • Omega-3 fatty acids against hunger
  • Craving for carbohydrates
  • Craving for carbohydrates stop With glutamine
  • Glutamate caused a hot hunger
  • Craving for carbohydrates stop – chrome
  • Hot-hunger-stop – With konjac powder
  • Craving sugar stop – solutions to sugar addiction
  • Hunger, of course, stop – summary

Uncontrollable hunger – What’s behind it?

Also know you have this uncontrollable urge, this craving for something Unhealthy? A feeling of Hunger on oily and sweet Fast Food?

The craving for the Unhealthy, it seems our brain off. Only when we have the feeling of fullness plagues, or a kilogram more on the scales waves, plagues us in the bad Conscience – of course only until the next craving attack.

What could be the reason for this uncontrollable craving? And what can you do about it?

Cravings can often indicate a certain deficiency symptoms:

Hot hunger due to magnesium deficiency?

For example, you have a Craving for chocolate may indicate a deficiency of Magnesium. Because the chocolate and the cocoa contained is known to be extremely rich in Magnesium.

Therefore, it can be especially in the case of a magnesium-poor diet, that our bodies don’t want the chocolate, but only the Magnesium in the cocoa needs.

Many women are familiar with the pesky lower body cramps during Menstruation. Magnesium can help very good, because it relieves muscular tension of the muscles and helps to relax.

This could also be the reason why a lot of women have during their period, hot hunger on chocolate – or Magnesium -.

Hot hunger but also like the same time with a melancholy or sad mood, so that the Lift of the mood could also be a way to get out of the hot hunger-a vicious circle.

Hot hungry because of a bad mood?

Who suffers from emotional Stress, attacks more often than in gambling situations to harmful Junk Food.

To comfort itself with Sweet, Salty and Greasy. Whether it is healthy, interested in this mood, hardly anyone.

Now, however, has shown in studies that certain fatty acids seem to be able to affect the brain and the release of certain hormones and of hormones that lift the mood.

This also indicates that the hot hunger of the body with those substances that the body needs most.

Above it was the Magnesium, now there are certain fatty acids. And since hot hunger ALWAYS fat is eaten – whether on chocolate, ice cream, Chips, Pudding, or butter cream cake – seems to be the connection to be plausible.

The fat must go first to the brain. They affect the brain from the digestive system.

Healthy gut against hunger

The close connection between the brain and the digestive system could already be in the past, pretty sure through various studies confirmed. This indicated, among other things, to the fact that a healthy digestive system and a balanced intestinal flora, go directly to the mental health and a stable Psyche.

At the same time, it could be demonstrated that a poor condition of the gastro-intestinal area may be partly responsible for the emergence of depression, and even bipolar disorders. (For more information read our article on fats and depression)

It is, therefore, improves the intestinal health, the development of a healthy intestinal flora, it can stand alone, as a result, the mood. As a result, depending on our mood, Cravings are rare.

How a healthy intestinal flora is established, read here: gut flora build

As well fats from the gastro-intestinal tract from the atmosphere influence and therefore Cravings less can make, is shown in the following study, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Fats provide a stable Psyche, thus reducing hunger

For this study, the researcher Lukas Van Oudenhove and his colleagues, 12 healthy normal-weight Volunteers studied.

The subjects were given one of two possible infusions directly into the stomach, so the taste of the test solutions could not tell the participants which solution they received.

It was either a solution of saturated fatty acids or a Placebo in the Form of a salt solution.

The mixture was then reviewed, and the extent to which the fat or salt solution could affect the mood of the participants.

We played the subjects the sad classical music and showed them extremely sad pictures. Both had thrown in the previous Tests with the test persons strong feelings of sadness.

Those subjects now, who had the fat solution that could be of music and photos much less sadden as the persons who had received the salt solution.

Magnetic resonance imaging Scans that were made during the study, were able to confirm these results. The participants who had the fat solution, showed less brain activity in the areas which are important for the feeling of sadness is relevant, as the saline solution group.

Hot hunger stop, of course

Our body makes us with Cravings on a lack of attention.

For us, this means we have to compensate for this deficiency. However, it does not mean that you should compensate for a lack of magnesium in chocolate, or the demand for high-quality fatty acids with cake, ice cream, Chips, fried French fries, or a Burger.

Because these foods can contain substances that are healthy, such as flavor enhancers, TRANS-fats, sweeteners or a large quantity of sugar, which could damage all of our health.

So it is the Magnesium and the fatty acid needs in a healthy way cover.

Hot-hunger-stop – Magnesium cover

A food Supplement such as the Sango marine coral in connection with the suitable cell and the external application of magnesium chloride, you can fix salts, a magnesium deficiency is quite simple.

Pay attention also to a magnesium-rich diet. As you eat magnesium-rich, we have explained here: Magnesium with the diet

More on the topic of magnesium deficiency, generally, can be found here: magnesium deficiency: a consideration of the way, but the consequences of the

Hot-hunger-stop – Healthy fatty acids food

Now, if fatty acids can hot alleviate hunger, then it is important to keep foods out, healthy fatty acids, such as, for example, untreated, organic coconut oil, in addition to raw milk, butter and Ghee as the best source of healthy saturated fatty acids.

Organic coconut oil is also for the nature of its saturated fatty acids are known. It is particularly, many medium-and produces-chain fatty acids, which are very easily digested, directly to the production of energy (similar to carbohydrates) and, therefore, less well into the fat tissue to be stored.

Also for fungal infections, coconut oil is useful, and even in connection with a successful Alzheimer’s treatment is the coconut oil has made.

More about the beneficial properties of coconut oil, you can read for example here:

  • Coconut oil for the brain

Omega-3 fatty acids against hunger

More healthy fatty acids, which lift the mood and depression and, therefore, Cravings reduce, are the Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found for example in oily fish, hemp oil, Flaxseed oil or Chia seeds.

In the Form of krill oil Omega-3 fatty acids are an ideal dietary Supplement for women who suffer from PMS and the associated mood swings and cravings

Click here to read the Details about Krill Oil: Krill Oil – The perfect recipe of nature

Apart from this, there are three more substances that can stop the hot hunger. You stop, in particular, the hot hunger on isolated carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour.

Craving for carbohydrates

While complex carbohydrates, so full of carbohydrates are with a natural fiber content beneficial to health, it can interfere with isolated carbohydrates such as white flour, white rice and sugar, the healthy balance of the body.

From complex carbohydrates, Glucose enters slowly into the blood. Isolated carbohydrates very quickly. The blood sugar level rises in the case of the former, therefore, is moderate and decreases hours after the meal.

After the consumption of isolated carbohydrates it comes, instead, to strong fluctuations in blood sugar: The blood sugar level rises rapidly, but falls again just as quickly.

These fluctuations stress the organism, but also increase the risk for Diabetes and many other diseases significantly.

As soon as the blood sugar, reported the body’s appetite for carbohydrates often in the Form of genuine Cravings. Here, too, a vicious cycle of sugar consumption, blood glucose fluctuation, hot hunger with sugar consumption, the blood sugar fluctuation starts now, hot, hunger, etc.

Glutamine might be a way out of this vicious circle.

Craving for carbohydrates stop With glutamine

The human brain requires Glucose and the amino acid glutamine, to be able to work. Glutamine is not enough, the craving for Sweets.

Also, if it is, then: Not the chocolate bar, but the glutamine-powder grab. It reaches the brain as fast as sugar, but has no impact on blood sugar levels.

In the case of craving Sweet, you can mix one to two grams of glutamine powder with water and drink. After a few minutes, your craving will be gone on carbohydrates.

By the way, glutamine is not to be confused with the harmful flavor enhancer glutamate.

While glutamine occurs naturally in the human body, glutamate is a biotechnologically-produced substance, which is from a neurological point of view, a kind of narcotic.

Glutamate caused a hot hunger

The flavor enhancer glutamate is added by the food industry many of the finished products. The glutamate resulting hearty taste ensures that consumers consume more of the product.

Glutamate detection works therefore lack of appetite. Its mechanism of action is completely different from the one of glutamine, which prevents the appetite to diminish rather and hot hunger.

Another substance that can hot stop hunger, is the trace element chromium.

Craving for carbohydrates stop – chrome

The trace element chromium has a massive influence on the insulin sensitivity of the cells, and thus the carbohydrate metabolism.

A scientific study with obese patients with Diabetes showed that the daily intake of 600 micrograms of chromium picolinate increases in conjunction with Biotin, insulin sensitivity, blood glucose levels regulated, blood sugar fluctuations, and prevents, as a result, the number of Cravings will be reduced.

A completely natural substance, which can not only reduce hunger, but appetite, is the konjac powder from the Asian Konjac root.

Hot-hunger-stop – With konjac powder

In the konjac powder, a certain ballast included fabric, so-called Glucomannans. They affect appetite, as researchers at the Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand in a study in 2009 found.

Glucomannans reducing the Ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is a hormone. The Ghrelin levels are high, you have a big appetite and Hunger.

The lower the ghrelin level is, the less you eat.

The low Ghrelin levels due to the konjac powder is reduced, so the appetite. You eat automatically smaller portions and hardly has any appetite for a dessert.

Because the konjac powder also has an effect in the fasting state, the Ghrelin levels low holds, it can help prevent cravings and thus calorie consumption minimize.

Here you can read more about the konjac powder and its application possibilities.

Craving sugar stop – solutions to sugar addiction

Craving for Sweet, often reminiscent of an Addiction.

How can you fight the sugar addiction, you can find here: exit from the sugar addiction

Please note that a healthy renunciation of sugar means artificial sweeteners to avoid: sweeteners make you fat, and aspartame sweetener with side effects.

You choose is better, xylitol, whole cane or coconut sugar. Detail information is available in our Sugar Glossary.

Hunger, of course, stop – summary

To stop cravings and to deprive them of their Power, so they can come in summary, the following natural measures to use:

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