His Malibu mansion is burned down – psychiatrist: that’s Why German Gottschalk suffering

Tens of thousands of people have fled in front of the huge forest fires in California, more than 40 have died – but the focus in Germany is directed particularly to the affected Celebrities. The most interest in Germany, Thomas Gottschalk, whose Villa was destroyed in the Malibu by a fire wall. According to the opinion of experts, this focus is understandable psychologically.

"When you hear that because forest fires are in California, then this is weg&quot first far;, the psychiatrist Borwin Bandelow said. "The further away a disaster is, the less she challenged us. But Thomas Gottschalk is sort of one of us."

Disasters were on the one hand, a Scare, but on the other hand, a positive sense of relief, because you don’t be concerned, explained the scientists in göttingen. "Therefore, we read about disasters. When one hears, however, that a well-known German is affected, then that brings the disaster closer." There is a sense, then compassion. With glee it have to do rather less.

A similar effect is the case with Hollywood Stars is conceivable that you have known for many years from the cinema. "However, not so pronounced, as if it is a German."

Gottschalk have moderated in Germany, a benefit Gala for children, as he had learned of the accident, confirmed Gottschalk. Accordingly, his wife said to him that he should &quot now to his Job;kümmern".

Gottschalk had bought Villa back in 1998 and restored

The "Bild" the Entertainer:&quot said;I can say nothing, because words fail me! I had to hang the poem ,The Panther,‘ in the handwriting of Rainer Maria Rilke on the wall. This is also up in flames as the staircase, and my children are always arguing." Further, he says: "My heart for Thea burns, everyone knows. But that to the day of the wedding, our house is on fire, doesn’t have to be."

Gottschalk had purchased the property in 1998 and restored. The Villa was the first residence in the United States, and his sons, Roman and Tristan grew up here. The fire according to the report, first on the mill of the building, which is located in the mountains of Malibu,. To one of his neighbors, the pop star Miley Cyrus. Google Maps The Gottschalk-Villa in Malibu is burned to be