Experts outline eight different types of vagina – and some could be a concern

Is your vagina normal?

It’s a question hundreds of women Google every month.

As many ladies are too embarrassed to discuss the topic with their doctors – or even their friends and family – it can lead to them fretting about it.

Thankfully there are plenty of online resources that offer reassurances on the matter.

And recent guidelines from The Hospital Group shows that most women really don’t have anything to worry about.

The gynaecological experts explain that everyone’s intimate areas look slightly different.

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Ben Khoda, a plastic surgeon and labia specialist, said: “It’s a common misconception that vaginas should look a certain way but, this is not true at all.

“Just like the way in which the size, shape or girth of men’s private parts vary, so do women’s!

“The most common differences in the labia are the shape and size, however the thickness and colour of them varies too.”

Below, take a look at the eight most popular vagina shapes – most of which are absolutely nothing to worry about.

Here are the 8 most common types of labia:

1. Asymmetrical or uneven lips

Some ladies fret over their vaginal lips being different lengths.

In some instances, one may be tucked tightly towards the vagina, while the other hangs down a little.

Thankfully, there’s nothing to worry about if your genitals are asymmetrical.

2. Curved Outer Lips

This labia type is best described as a “flower”.

Its curved appearance resembles petals, which is how this shape got its name.

3. Prominent inner lips

It’s perfectly normal for the inner lips of the labia to hang below the outer lips.

In rare cases, this could cause discomfort.

Women who are experiencing any trouble should seek the advice of their GP.

4. Prominent outer lips

Contrastingly, the outer lips could feel slightly bigger.

This loose skin keeps the inside of the vagina hidden inside like a little pocket.

5. Long outer lips

Some women may notice their labia brushing against their legs.

This tends to happen when the outer lips are longer than average.

The medical experts reassure that this is nothing to worry about.

6. Small open lips

Petite lips are more common than you may think.

Labia specialist Ben said: “Lots of women have small, petite lips which leave the rest of the vagina still visible.”

7. Small closed lips

Unlike open lips that expose the vagina, this body type conceals it.

This isn’t a medical concern, so don’t stress about it.

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8. Visible or enlarger inner lips

Enlarged inner lips are often nothing to worry about.

But in some instances, they can cause physical discomfort.

As more vaginal skin is exposed, the area can feel more sensitive.

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