E-cigarettes are effective for quitting Smoking than nicotine gum

Easier to give up Smoking with the help of E-cigarettes?

Many people try to stop Smoking, what causes them, but usually considerable difficulties. Researchers found out now that smokers have considerably more success in their Searches to get rid of, if you use Smoking cessation E-cigarettes instead of nicotine patches.

In a current study of the University College London, it was found that the use of E-cigarettes makes it easier to stop Smoking. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Addiction”.

E-cigarettes are a useful aid, if people want to give up Smoking? (Image: vchalup/fotolia.com)

What was the impact of the use of E-cigarettes on cessation?

E-cigarettes seem to help people give up Smoking. When Smoking E-used cigarette Smoking cessation, the success probability is three times higher than in the case of the use of nicotine patches, report the researchers. When Smoking E-used cigarettes increased the likelihood of successfully giving up Smoking by 95 percent, compared with smokers, which are not used such tools. Smokers, the so-called nicotine replacement therapy such as nicotine gum and nicotine used the patch, had only a 34 percent increased likelihood of successfully stop Smoking, compared with smokers, which was just cold Turkey.

Nearly 20,000 smokers participated in the study

For the current study, nearly 20,000 smokers have been investigated in order to determine what is the impact of giving up the use of E-cigarettes on the success rate in Smoking. The study is one of the largest studies comparing cessation resources for smokers. As a successful Smoking Quit has been defined, if the Participants smoke a year later, still free. With the Smoking, reduces the risk of chronic diseases and increases quality of life and life expectancy, stress the authors of the study. Therefore, it is important that people have the best possible chances of success, if you want to give up Smoking.

With the current study, the evidence suggests that the use of E-cigarettes can help smokers to defeat their Addiction condense. The study also shows the apparent lack of efficacy of nicotine replacement therapies. E-cigarettes are for smokers of all age groups and social strata to be equally effective, explain the researchers. Smoke form one of the main reasons for the health differences between the Poor and the rich, and the increasing use of E-cigarettes could, ultimately, lead to the fact that this gap is reduced.

E-cigarettes increase the risk for strokes and heart attacks

Critics see a danger in the use of E-cigarettes. The nicotine in E-cigarettes is not harmless, in addition there are various other substances, such as flavors that can be breathed in use in. People use is still not long enough E-cigarettes to know the true effects. Given the short-term effects on lung function and cardiovascular effects there is sufficient evidence that we should be very careful with the use of E-cigarettes. E-cigarettes can help the Smoking of tobacco to give up, nevertheless, they are associated with various health risks. In previous studies it was already noted, the E-cigarette users have an increased risk for heart attacks and strokes, where E-cigarettes raised this risk by up to 71 percent. (as)