Deadly poison spider was made to EDEKA for police deployment of large-scale

Banana spider is EDEKA logistics center out of operation

An employee of EDEKA could not believe his eyes, as the afternoon of the may day all of a sudden a giant poison spider by the bearings crawled. The employee immediately called the police to help – and rightly so, as it turned out later, because the animal was a banana spider. Their venom can be fatal to humans.

According to police, Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia, the fire Department acknowledged Rhynern using the police on may day in a warehouse in the industrial area, after they had received against at 15:40 an emergency call. As the newspaper “Soester Anzeiger” reported it was the logistics center of EDEKA in Hamm-Rhynern. Apparently, the palm had a large poisonous spider in a fresh banana provided a hidden palette.

Spider expert is able to capture the animal alive

After the logistics were cleared the centre, the police moved an expert for spider from a private spider farm in Gelsenkirchen, was on the hunt for the stowaway. Actually managed it to the experts to catch the poison spider alive. The banana spider has been passed for further investigation to the tropical Institute in Hamburg. “Thanks to the quick and calm intervention, no one was at risk,” according to the police, Hamm said in a press release.

About the banana spider

The banana spider (Phoneutria) can be for the people is quite dangerous to life. All eight species of the family is considered extremely aggressive and highly toxic. The spider feels threatened, either immediately or takes a Drohhaltung, where she stretches her front legs in the air. Some of the specimens to even jump on their victims and bite. The venom of the spider in adults can also lead to danger to life.

What happens when you get bitten by a banana spider?

A bite of the banana spider is very painful. The spider is not, however, with each bite the same amount of poison. Sometimes they bite to inject poison. As the natural history Museum Karlsruhe reported, it can cramp the employees depending on the gift amount to symptoms such as sweating, swelling, dizziness, irritation of the lymph system, Nausea and vomiting, hypertension, tachycardia, muscle as well as circulatory disorders. In particularly severe cases, pulmonary edema and shock may occur, condition that can lead to death. After a bite has to be carried out quickly to a treatment with an Antiserum. (vb)