Current sleep study: The best wine to fall asleep with a glass of?

How can we improve our sleep?

Some people are of the opinion that five hours of sleep per night are enough, other people believe that a glass of wine will help the evening, you fall Asleep. These are just myths, some of the so-called Sleep, which were recently revealed in a study.

In a recent study by the NYU School of Medicine, it was found that people often believe in different sleep myths, which do not correspond to the truth. The results of the investigation were published in the English journal “Sleep Health”.

There are a lot of wrong assumptions on the topic of sleep. Since the question arises as to What favors really are a healthy sleep? (Photo: Antonio Guillem/

How were the data used?

During the investigation, the data of 8,000 different Websites were analysed to identify 20 of the most common assumptions on the topic of sleep. It was then assessed with the help of sleep experts, whether the assumptions can be supported by scientific evidence or does not correspond to reality.

Enough five hours of sleep per night?

Sleep has a big impact on our health, our mood, our wellbeing and our life expectancy. But there are a lot of wrong assumptions on the topic of sleep. One of these myths is the assumption that five hours per night is sufficient, for example. There is extensive evidence that nighttime sleep increased for a period of only five hours or less the risk for health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and early mortality significantly. People should get instead, rather try for seven to eight hours of sleep per night, rates the authors of the study.

Despite the lack of fatigue to stay in bed?

Another mistake that you could commit, is to stay in bed, if you can’t sleep. It takes about 15 minutes, until the average healthy sleeper can usually fall asleep. However, if you need much longer, you should leave the bed better. Pay attention to the getting Up, however, that the existing lights are dimmed. Find an activity which you will perform, until you feel tired enough to fall asleep quickly. If you are just in bed, connect unfortunately, often your bed with insomnia, report the researchers

Better sleep due to alcohol?

Other people think that the consumption of alcohol people helps to a better night’s sleep. According to the research results alcohol actually reduces the body’s ability to achieve a deep sleep. Alcohol can help fall Asleep, but the quality of sleep is reduced due to the consumption drastically.

You should use in the morning, the snooze button on the alarm clock?

One other myth on the subject of sleep is, that five extra minutes of sleep cause by Pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock that you are later on in the course of the day more rested and less exhausted feel. According to the results of the study, five minutes causes last longer in bed to lie no real advantages, however. It is normal to be Waking up a bit sluggish to resist however the temptation to lay back in bed to sleep some more.

On the weekend of lost sleep from the week, catch up?

The researchers also found that there were some myths that still lead to inconsistencies, including the idea, on weekends, longer sleep, so within the week of lost sleep to catch up on. This disrupts your circadian rhythm. (as)