Complete nonsense: Drosten refuted laboratory-theory-to-Coronavirus and decomposed to a statement by Nobel prize winner

The Coronavirus in a natural way, or is it perhaps but a laboratory, where it was artificially created? Virologist Christian Drosten explains why it can only be one answer to that and low iron even a Nobel prize winner for his Thesis.

What is the origin of the Coronavirus? This question is the Central point in the research around the SARS-CoV-2 exciter is in addition to the search for a vaccine well. Persistent rumors and speculations that the Virus is not of natural origin, but artificial in a laboratory would have been to keep.

Professor Christian Drosten, head of Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin, can only shake his head. In the NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update" he explains why these guesses and rumors are false, and as evidence, a new finding that comes from China, but also in the Charité is already known, and even found out was. "The colleagues in China came to us with the Publizieren", how Drosten noted with a grin.

Drosten: contrary to speculation by artificial Coronavirus

It is a particular feature of the Coronavirus, which is not supposedly in the animal world, and which could thus only be generated artificially, which of course is water on the mills of the representatives of the laboratory-theory. More specifically, it is a special interface in the main surface protein of the Virus that is responsible for the entry into the cell.

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Now, however, have discovered both Chinese and European scientists just such an interface in bats. "Although it is slightly different than that of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus of the people, but the very, very ähnlich", declares Drosten. He emphasized that the view of the artificially-generated Virus "from the Tisch".

He clarified: "In the nature of something, the result is under selection pressure, because it is of no use to the Virus. This is caused by random, and because several of the evolutionary coincidences are strung together. At some point a Virus then comes out, not just gradually a little bit better replicated, but an enormous replication advantage. There is also a huge selection is then given to advantage in the Evolution and so a Virus by then."   

HIV sequence as a proof for man-made Virus? Drosten low irons, Nobel laureate

A already for some time past Expression of Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and Nobel prize winner of 2008, is Drosten, however, is evil. This was reported in a TV broadcast, that is to be found in the genome of the Coronavirus sequences of HIV and this can only be artificially manufactured.

"It is difficult to say for an active scientist in Virology, a Nobel laureate in the subject of Virology nonsense verbreitet", so Drosten, "but this is complete nonsense." This Similarity is quite usual. "This theme is easily done, even if a retired Nobel prize winner talking in a talk show about it."

Top virologist Drosten reports of death threats

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How many people, in the meantime, half-truths, incorrect interpretations, or conspiracy theories in the world, Drosten frightening. "From what I hear, even from apparent experts, which is devoid of just any basis." Their knowledge was "not on a superficial knowledge of the student textbook hinaus&quot know;, he rumbles more. "And with this knowledge base, it is trumpeted then Videos in the Public, and strengthens the truly dangerous conspiracy theorists who have been part of the political agendas, the back. That is irresponsible."

Drosten Supposed experts recommends: exactly Shine through

However, as the citizens can be sure that what you read in the media and hear the truth? Christian Drosten refers first of all to the professional expertise, so on the title. Virologists and bacteriologist, the same were not lying, for example.

You have to see this as well, as the supposed expert had specialized in what he had published already about this topic and how the world accepted and respected. "If this is not the case, you should leave them just the fingers and not wasting his time, to invest half an hour in a YouTube Video, which is full of misleading opinions and not on scientific knowledge is based."

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