Best supplements for high blood pressure – how to protect against hypertension

High blood pressure is a common condition that affects more than 25 percent of all adults in the UK. But you could lower your risk of developing hypertension by simply taking daily potassium supplements, it’s been claimed.

Hypertension puts extra stress on blood vessels and vital organs.

Eating an unhealthy diet or not doing enough regular exercise could be raising your chances of high blood pressure.

But, you could lower your chances of developing the condition by taking supplements, scientists have claimed.

One of the most effective natural remedies for high blood pressure is potassium supplements, according to nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer.

Potassium is one of the best natural minerals for protecting against hypertension, she said.

It works by helping the body to get rid of excess sodium via the kidneys.

Sodium causes your blood pressure to increase, which is why it’s crucial that the body doesn’t store too much of the mineral.

If you do decide to add potassium supplements to your diet, around 350mg per day is a safe amount, added Dr Brewer.

You could also increase the amount of potassium in your diet by eating more seafood, fruit, vegetables, and wholegrains.

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“Potassium is one of the most effective natural remedies for high blood pressure,” she wrote on her website,

“Excess dietary sodium is associated with fluid retention – quite simply, more water must be re-absorbed by the kidneys to prevent body fluids from becoming too concentrated and damaging delicate cell membranes.

“Retained fluid increases pressure within the circulation and leads to high blood pressure in many cases.

“If you increase your dietary intake of potassium, you will improve sodium flushing even further, to significantly improve your blood pressure readings and lower your risk of experiencing a stroke.”


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Cutting back on the amount of sodium in your diet will have a similar effect to taking potassium supplements, she said.

Salt or salted foods could contribute to a higher concentration of sodium in your body.

Everyone should aim to eat no more than six grams of salt in a single day – the equivalent to around a teaspoonful.

The average person eats around eight grams of salt everyday, and the Department of Health recommends cutting back on the amount of salt in our diets.


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You should speak to a doctor before taking potassium supplements if you have kidney disease, or if you’re taking ACE inhibitors, said Dr Brewer.

High blood pressure is often known as ‘the silent killer’, as you may not even know you’re at risk of the condition.

Everyone over 40 years old should check their blood pressure at least once every five years.

Speak to a doctor or pharmacist to have your blood pressure checked.

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