21-Year-old Shannon Lynch is the Arm amputate – to be able to before her death to marry

As a teenager, Shannon Lynch was diagnosed with a rare Form of cancer. Now the disease is back. Your forearm you left two years ago, amputate, in order to have more time. Time in which you found the love of your life, Ashley, and married.

For the past six years, the 21-year-old Shannon Lynch from Edenbridge fights suffer in Kent already against your cancer now the disease is back. The fight against a rare form of cancer in her elbow, the 21 will no longer be able to win a-Year-old Doctors say. You give the British to live only one more year.

As the English "Mirror" reported, was the young woman two years ago, the right forearm amputate, to the progression of the disease to slow down. Thus, you won have enough time to be able to 18-year-old Ashley and marry him to get to know.

The "Mirror" she said: "My wedding day meant everything to me and it is nice to be able to show the world that I am the Person I love, to the end of my life will worship." It was not important to her, how much time they had with each other, as long as this is together with Ashley.

As a tennis elbow stamped the diagnosis of cancer came later

Was diagnosed of cancer in Shannon, when she was 15 years old. Initially, your pain was as "Tennisarm" dismissed. However, when the node is in your elbow is greater and more painful, after a biopsy: synovial sarcoma. A rare Form of cancer originating from connective tissue.

To remove at the age of 16 underwent Shannon a chemotherapy and surgery to remove the Tumor. A year later, then came the bad news: The cancer was back. And so he not sprinkled, was the amputation of the young woman in the forearm.

Her right forearm had been removed, she would have much to reckon early with tumors in the lung, Shannon said to the "Mirror".

The fate

In December of last year she met Ashley when playing video games on a game platform. Since then, the two talked daily. In may of this year, the renewed setback. Shannon had to because of a kidney infection to the hospital.

After a CT Scan, it was clear that In their lungs have developed three tumors. And this Time the Doctors gave her no hope for a cure. They told her that only a year to live. "But I’m still fighting, and after all these months, I’m glad I made it as far as habe", Shannon said. Shannon married her Ashley.

On the future of Shannon and Ashley have not spoken. Until it was ready, want to make the most out of your time together. "I’m glad about the time I habe&quot with my husband, my family and my friends;, the 21-Year-old said.

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