Chubby Cheeks, Sibling Snuggles and More: The Cutest Photos of Kate Hudson's Daughter Rani

Too Many Cooks

Chef Rani is at your service! Rani knows how to help her mom in the kitchen (and look totally cute while doing it). 

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Rani’s Rainbows

The 2-year-old brightens up the room with her sunshine-y personality (and her rainbow dress)!

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Party Hard

Rani wore herself out having too much fun on Halloween! The toddler who rocked a pumpkin outfit, “Partied hard, out by 7,” according to her mom. “Successful Halloween!”

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Mommy’s Little Shadow

Wherever Hudson goes, Rani is clearly not far to follow! 

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Meditating with Mama

OOOOOOOOHM my gosh, this video of Rani meditating with her mom makes our hearts melt. 

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Two Years of Rani Rose!

Rani sang herself a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” on October 2, 2020, her second birthday! Hudson wrote alongside the adorable video, “Spirited lady, bright and verbal. Excited to be apart of all little moments. Squeals with delight at the sight of her tea cups and watches me intently when I put on my make up. Not a fan of wet grass but but any kind of disdain really never lasts long.”

The mom continued, “She discovered ‘funny faces’ and loves to know she can make people happy as she scrunches her face and simply says ‘funny!’ She’s sings on key and dances like she’s attached to the earth. She speaks so loud I could hear her a block away. She loves to put lotion on everything and watching her delicately wash my mother’s hands yesterday was like seeing nature at it’s grandest and most empathetic.”

She concluded, “Rani Rose has graced our world for 2 years today! I relish in every moment. Happy Birthday to my little girl! Can’t wait to celebrate her.”

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Musical Mom

Hudson posted a sweet tribute to her daughter on National Daughter Day, Sept. 28, 2020. “Can’t not post something because this little lady has changed all of our lives,” Hudson wrote alongside a video of the pair sitting at the piano as Hudson plays and sings to Rani.

The actress added, “And I look forward to many more jam sessions with my piano/singing partner. Gonna make sure little lady knows the good stuff.” 

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Snuggle Time

Rani is a “Daddy’s girl,” Hudson wrote alongside a sweet photo of the 2-year-old and her dad have a “#SundayLazyDay.” 

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Big Bear Hug

“Cozy Monday morning over here ??,” Hudson captioned a photo of her baby bear hugging a teddy bear. 


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Precious Pumpkin

Rani Rose got in the Halloween spirit with a tiny pumpkin hat in October 2020. 

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Say ‘Cheese!’

“❤️Smiles all around ❤️” for this happy family. 

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Tiny Yogi

Rani Rose knows that yoga can be difficult, so she helped her mom get into a few poses.

“Morning yoga with my little monkey ??,” Hudson captioned a silly video of Rani hanging onto her during a yoga session. 

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Nap Time

The Fabletics founder posted this hilarious clip of her littlest one as they prepared for nap time, jokingly captioning it, “When you tell your drunk friend it’s time to go home.” 

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Little Comedian

Rani knows how to keep herself (and the rest of us) laughing! 

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Gang’s All Here!

Getting a family photo where everyone is looking at the camera is notoriously difficult to do, but Hudson almost managed just that in this sweet snap of her three kids.

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The pair kicked off the Fourth of July weekend with matching sunglasses. 

“Going into the long weekend like…,” Hudson wrote, along with a green heart emoji.

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In June 2020, Hudson posted a sweet photo of herself enjoying bath time with Rani, and reflected on love in the caption. 

“I hold my babies as I want to be held and ask for no returns,” Hudson wrote. “I love my babies with the freedom of knowing they are different than me and supporting their human right to individuality. I just love them endlessly.”

The actress continued, “Mistakes will happen, people are flawed, to be human will only ever be imperfect. Would we want it any other way? Perfection…what is that anyway? But when we hold one another, when we love, we can forgive. When we love, we transcend all negative noise. When we choose love, we chose the good life. And if you think love didn’t choose you, remember, someone out there, scratch that, MANY people out there are ready to bring you in and share love with you. Choosing love means you’re never alone?❤️”

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Daddy’s Girl

In honor of Father’s Day 2020, Hudson posted a photo of Rani getting a kiss from her dad, Danny Fujikawa. 

Hudson wrote, “Loving Daddy ❤️ Rani Rose is a lucky lady to have a daddy like you. Her great protector, her first true love. Thank you for being such a beautiful father. Love you.”  

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Cuddle Up

Rani and her older brother, Bingham, have Mom wrapped around their fingers, “They really know how to get me to say yes to more #screentime,” Hudson admitted of her kids. 

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She’s a Natural

“FASHION clearly nature not nurture… ?,” Hudson wrote of her stylish little girl. 

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Lots of Laughs

Rani sure knows how to bring the fun — and make her mama laugh. 

“I tried to get Rani to laugh with me, and turns out she knew exactly what she was doing! #BornComedian,” Hudson gushed on Instagram. 

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Rani showed off her adorable grin (and baby teeth!) in a pair of sunny snaps with older brother Bingham.

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Sibling Love

“My babies ☀️,” Hudson captioned the sweet photos of her two youngest kids.

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Little Gardener

“A very serious green ???,” proud mom Hudson said of her daughter Rani, who sprinkled water on their outdoor plants.

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Cover Girl!

She’s a star! Rani joined her mom and grandma on the April 2020 cover of PEOPLE’s Beautiful Issue — the first to feature three generations.

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Make It Fashion

“This Saturday we will wear a tutu on our head and that’s just how its gonna go,” Hudson said of her daughter’s style while social distancing in April 2020.

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‘Back’ At It

Rani rode in style on her dad’s back in this March 2020 snap. 

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“My morning sunshine and her pre Oscar lewk #Hairspiration #Rani,” the mom of three said before getting ready for the 2020 Academy Awards.

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Sweetest Smile

This gorgeous shot deserves its own painted portrait, no? 

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Let the Light In 

Big brother Bingham spent a sunny morning playing with his little sister in this sweet snap captured by the proud mom of three. 

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Mad for Plaid

If this isn’t the absolute cutest holiday party look we’ve ever seen, we don’t know what is. Rani rocked her festive ‘fit while playing with the daughter of her mom’s longtime pal Angi Fletcher.

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Couch Potatoes 

The mother-daughter duo spent some quality time snuggled up together on the couch last October. 

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Pucker Up

Hudson took a moment to reflect on the precious time spent with her daughter during a fall outing — hilariously borrowing her pacifier for the shot. 

“The weight of your baby sleeping close to your heart… priceless,” she wrote. 

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Nap Time

The proud parents cuddled up for a sleepy selfie with their little one in January.”I feel like even in her sleep she’s thinking, ‘Dad…stop,'” Hudson joked of boyfriend Danny Fujikawa’s photo bomb.

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Smiley Selfie 

The mother-daughter duo enjoyed the weekend with a cute selfie.

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Play Ball!

It was “Playtime” for Rani Rose in this summery shot.

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Birthday Boy

Hudson’s June 2019 birthday tribute to her boyfriend featured the couple’s cute baby.

“This man has given me the most beautiful gifts life can give and the depth of gratitude I feel for the day he was born is beyond any measured spoken word or post,” she wrote. “I believe that this gratitude exists and is present in our daughters joy and her magical spirit. Thank you Mama Fuj and Papa Fuj for raising this beautiful roller coaster ride of a special human. The ups and downs and sideways were all worth it ?❤️?”

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Mother’s Love

Hudson beamed in this breathtaking family photo she shared on Instagram of her entire family, including boyfriend Danny Fujikawa and their daughter Rani Rose, plus sons Bing and Ryder.

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Sibling Smooch

Big brother Ryder planted a sweet kiss on his baby sister’s head after a summer swim.

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That’s Amoré

The proud mom shared an adorable photo of Rani sleeping during their Italy vacation at the Amalfi Coast.

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Mother-Daughter Bonding

“She likes tulle in the morning,” the proud mom captioned her latest photo of a then-7-month-old Rani

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Flower Child

For Rani, it’s always a good time to stop and smell the roses.

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Mommy Memories

The mom of three posted this cute candid shot that was taken of her with her little girl and two boys on a very happy Mother’s Day 2019.

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Seeing Double?

Big brother Bing Hawn and Rani Rose look like twins as they snuggled up to each other for this precious brother-sister photo.

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Ray of Sunshine

“Saturday Sunshine ☀️ #Rani?,” Hudson captioned the too-cute mother-daughter selfie.

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Birthday Bundle

“My wishes came true ? Thank you for all the love today ❤️?❤️ #ThisIs40,” Hudson captioned this charming family birthday photo of herself surrounded by her three cuddly kids.

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Big Smile

Hudson’s baby girl looked happy as can be as she posed for the camera with an ear-to-ear grin on her face.

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Brotherly Love

No sibling rivalry here! Hudson’s youngest son, Bingham Hawn, from her relationship with ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy, adorably cradled his little sister in this cuddly snap.

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Chubby Cheeks

How can anyone say no to those cheeks?! Must. Squeeze. 

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Little Leprechaun

Hudson is one lucky mama! Rani flashed an adorable smile as she celebrated her first St. Patrick’s Day in a festive green onesie. Hudson’s mom Goldie Hawn couldn’t get enough of her granddaughter’s look, writing, “Gogo can’t handle !!! So yummy.”

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Snuggle Session

The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actress and her musician boyfriend of two years, Danny Fujikawa, snapped a sweet selfie with their little one. “Love all around,” Hudson captioned the post.  

Rani’s name is a tribute to Fujikawa’s grandfather, Ron Fujikawa, Hudson revealed in her birth announcement. Hudson and Fujikawa’s families have been close for more than 15 years, the actress previously shared on The Talk, adding that she first met Danny because “he’s my best friend’s stepbrother.”

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Future Feminist Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram

The mother-daughter duo spread a positive (and positively adorable) message on International Women’s Day in an Instagram video. Rani seemed to get excited as her mom spoke, wiggling around and grinning as Hudson said, “To all the women out there, we celebrate you, all that you do, and all that you are. We love you!” 

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Model Behavior Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram

Rani may have let her mom do all the talking, but her smize says it all. Tyra Banks would be so proud. 

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Flower Power

From the red-and-green onesie to the coordinating pointy hat, Rani looked like she would be Santa’s favorite little helper while celebrating her 4-month “birthday” on Feb. 2.  

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Chilling Out

This is a weekend #mood if we’ve ever seen one. 

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Multitasking Mama

The Fabletics founder took multitasking to an inspiring new level when she breastfed her little one during a workout. 

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Twinning Twosome Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram Hudson/Instagram

As if that pillow palace of a bed didn’t look enticing enough, Hudson upped the cozy factor with a matching onesie while feeding Rani a bottle. 

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La Vie en Rose

True to her middle namesake, Rani Rose looked heart-breakingly precious in this red rose-embellished jumpsuit and matching headwrap. 

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Eye to Eye

The combination of Rani’s knotted headscarf and Hudson’s tiny topknot is true cuteness overload. 

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Great Grandparents

Hudson is lucky to have built-in babysitters in these two! The Almost Famous actress’ mom Goldie Hawn and the latter’s longtime partner Kurt Russell (whom Hudson, born from one of Hawn’s previous marriages, considers her father) looked smitten with their new granddaughter in this sweet snap. 

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Proud Protector

Hudson had plenty to be thankful for on Thanksgiving 2018, particularly the growing bond between her three children. The actress reflected on how she felt seeing her oldest son, Ryder Russell from her marriage to ex-husband Chris Robinson, spend some quality time with his new little sister over the holiday. 

“Post Turkey Day my son comes into our bedroom, takes his sister in his arms and spent some solid early morning time loving her,” she began her post on Instagram. “I watched thinking… I’m Thankful for love. Unconditional love and that my children embody what it is when one feels loved,” she wrote, adding, “Let’s all have an entire year where we stay grateful. Keep this party going :).”

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Growing Girl

Since welcoming Rani in October 2018, Hudson has said that having a daughter “doesn’t really change my approach, but there’s definitely a difference” when it comes to parenting.

The mom of three has since stressed that she simply wants to avoid gendered stereotypes, sharing that her aim is to “raise and continue to raise” both her sons and daughter “to feel free to be exactly who they want to be. To feel confident in their life choices and feel loved and supported no matter what.” Hudson continued, “Not all girls want to be a princess, some want to be king. And that’s fine by me.”

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Nap Time

Less than one month after welcoming Rani, the new mom shared this black-and-white photo of her little bundle of joy resting on her chest. Hudson captioned the shot with a fitting quote: “Love is not an emotion, it’s your very existence.”

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Proud Papa

The love in new dad Fujikawa’s eyes as he gazes adoringly at his and Hudson’s little girl in a video the actress shared to Instagram is enough to melt even the coldest heart.

“Kind beautiful man, your pure love is such a gift,” Hudson captioned the father-daughter video, in which her musician beau stroked Rani’s head and let the newborn grasp his fingers with her hands before planting two kisses on her forehead. 

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She’s Here!

Welcome to the world, Rani! “Our little rosebud,” Hudson captioned the first photo she shared of her and Fujikawa’s baby girl. 

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