Olivier Lapidus Teams With Lucibel on LED Face Mask

Designer Olivier Lapidus and French lighting innovation company Lucibel have teamed up to create a beauty mask based on LED technology.

Lapidus has for many years focused on innovative textiles, especially light-related fabrics. In 1999, he sent down a fashion runway what he billed to be the first “luminous dress,” created with a specially woven jacquard and optical fiber technology.

Lapidus’ creations have been used in the scientific field, too, to help treat babies with jaundice, for instance.

He was contacted by Frédéric Granotier, founder and president of Lucibel, about a possible collaboration. The designer was shown the hardware of Lucibel’s existing beauty mask for semi-professional use and the creams to be used with it to help fight facial wrinkles.

“Then we started to brainstorm with staff of Lucibel,” Lapidus said.

The designer became knowledgeable about LED technology, and 18 months later, Lucibel’s pro product became the over-the-counter OVE beauty mask, created with women and men in mind. It has two patents, a new ergonomy and uses photobiomodulation technology to help mitigate facial wrinkles.

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LED photobiomodulation ­— a specialty of Lucibel over the past seven years — employs a cold red light to stimulate and regenerate cells. The quantity of the light emitted differs on each square centimeter of a face for the most efficiency, Granotier explained.

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“It helps bring energy to the cells,” he said, adding the light penetrates deeply in the skin to accelerate cell regeneration.

According to company executives, the mask is 20-times more powerful than what’s on the market today.

Lapidus added his aesthetic to the mask, which comes in colors such as azure, pink and lime green.

“I was dressing the concept, the technology,” Lapidus said. “What I love is to mix technology with design — that’s what I did in my couture era from 1999 to 2000.”

He enjoyed working with Lucibel’s engineers, tapping into the company’s experience and learning a new methodology.

“The cosmetology link with the mask was new to me,” Lapidus said.

The OVE mask, operational with a push of a button, is to be used 10 minutes per session, a few times a week. The mask can be paired with Lucibel’s range of LED Synergy cosmetics products.

“Lucibel has worked for seven years with doctors — and in particular with dermatologists — on the design of products,” Granotier said. “Clearly, we have decided to accelerate in this business and give a real design [element] to products with this cooperation with Olivier Lapidus.”

OVE is now being sold online at lucibelleparis.com. The mask retails for 1,490 euros.

More is expected to come.

“I am thinking of making some ‘mini OVE,’ because they also have a mini system,” said Lapidus, referring to Lucibel. He noted the smaller versions are easily transportable ­— great for a weekend getaway.


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