What Men Should Do More Of In Bed, According To Women

In a perfect world we’d all sit our significant other down and tell them exactly what we want, when we want it, when it comes to sex. But let’s be honest, that convo can be straight-up uncomfortable especially if you’ve previously been burned by defensive or despairing reactions from the dude on the other end.

However, the Internet is a safe space. That’s why a whole bunch of women have taken to Reddit to share the things they really wish their partners would do more of in bed.

Perhaps leave this tab open on your laptop and go for a walk…

1. “Made me feel more desirable.”

2. “I wish he were a little more vocal naturally, but he’s great about being vocal when I ask him to.”

3. “No SO at the moment, but I’ve never slept with a guy who moans/grunts/makes much noise and wish they did.”

4. “More foreplay so I feel like he’s into me and my body and not just getting off.”

5. “Make more genuine noise and have more foreplay. Going down on me every once in awhile wouldn’t be a bad thing either.”

6. “More foreplay is always good.”

7. “Cuddling :(.”

8. “He knows I’m into BDSM so I wish we explored that more. He’s quite nervous about it tho since he fears he will hurt me. One bit at a time we gotta go about it. Other than that he is quite perfect in bed.”

9. “Be way more aggressive, but I understand why he refrains from that…”

10. “Perhaps just spending a little more time allowing us to explore and admire each other’s bodies. I loved being able to explore his body, run my hands around it and so on, but he was much more keen for me to get to work down there if you get my drift, and along with that, also just knowing that every single time I touch him in bed doesn’t mean I want sex right there and then, sometimes that contact is enough and all I’m after.”

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