Thus, medicinal plants can help in the heat

Aloe Vera, mint, vine leaves, sage, and lemon balm: To heißs summer days köcan extracts from these plants will help to alleviate the effects of the heat. So they act

The ingredients of Aloe vera act kühlend and entzümaking retardant

The sun burns, the air is flickering – many people genießthe heiße weather in the summer. The Köthe body adapts ideally to the high temperatures. But that doesn’t always. Some people suffering from the effects. Good to know that the natural handicaps of their own medicine against light, heat, complaints at the ready hält.

Aloe vera: Exotic Hautschübackers

The skin reacts in spite of sun protection to irritated the UV rays, benöyou account especially moisture. Here care products with extracts from the Genuine Aloe (Aloe vera) are useful. The tropical Plant stores in its thick Bläsetters große quantities of water and sugar in the Form of a gel-like substance. Especially the mucous substance Acemannan a decisive effect f&uuml is;r skin care attributed. The ingredients of Aloe vera act in äußerlich nd Gels to be applied only kühlend, but also entzümaking retardant, for example, in the case of a sunburn.

Mint: Küthey pain silent

On the Schläfen applied, relieves Minzöl tension headaches. Why that is unclear: "Möit is possible that the k&uuml come;hlende effect of Menthol, a local or aromatic effect of the fuel mixture of the peppermint and a Massage effect for the purposes of the acupuncture zusammen", Dr. Dominik Irnich, pain physician at the Klinikum Innenstadt of the Universit&auml says;t MüMunich. To Schläfe and the forehead are acupuncture points for headache treatment. On the skin and Schleimhäuten the mint due to the contained Menthol kühlend. But beware: use too much Menthol, the effect is reversed into a Wärmegefühl. Also &Ouml should;le or ointments with mint or Menthol is not für children are used it can cause respiratory problems.

Vine Leaves: Inconspicuous Veins Trainer

People the leg-prepare vein disorders, often suffer greatly under the heat of the summer. Because it is through the dilated Gefäße penetrates verstärkt water into the tissue – the legs swell, become hard, and sometimes pain. Extracts from vine leaves contain flavonoids, which venösen Blutgefäße from the inside seal and at the same time, the formation of Entzümaking messengers brakes. The puffiness is reduced, Ödeme and pain. The effect shows only after long term use – a minimum of three months it takes for a spünoticeable effect occurs.

Sage: Fragrant Schweißstopper

Sweating is an important protective function of the Köbody. Especially in warm Sommernäwant the Schwei&szlig runs; sometimes, but more than nötig. Then wom&ouml can;resembled sage help. Individual studies give evidence of a Schweißreduction of 50 percent. A freshly prepared tea should preferably be drunk cold or on the skin spotted. The application is worth a try, believes Susanne Alban, Professor für Pharmaceutical biology in Kiel: "Sage preparations are well verträpossible and especially in the case of nächtlichem sweat is a good choice."

Melissa: Grüner virus killer

There’s a strong solar radiation the immune system däwanting, also has a cold sore in the summer, easy game. The Bläleaves of some lemon-scented lemon balm contain tannins, which are the propagation of bacteria, viruses and fungi stop köcan. A special extract in the lab also has an effect on the Fieberbläthe rule calls out the herpes simplex virus shown weiß Professor Susanne Alban. Appropriate creams from the pharmacy are, therefore, the time of suffering to verküshorten.

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