Sensitive to light due to medication

Some medications can make the skin more sensitive to the sun. "In the Winter, the plays hardly a role, but now in the summer can steigen&quot by medication, the risk for sunburn and other skin damage;, Thomas Benkert, Vice-President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists warns. The light-induced skin reaction can be immediate or delayed insertion after a few days.

A variety of medicines can increase as an unwanted effect of the light sensitivity of the skin. Some water-depleting drugs (diuretics) and other blood pressure medicines, various painkillers, or antibiotics, for example. "In the case of the antidepressant St. John’s wort, the side effect of light sensitivity, however, is often überschätzt", says Benkert. If a Patient does not exceed the therapeutic doses and extreme sun avoids radiation, can be expected no serious symptoms. Patients best questions in front of the sun bathe in your pharmacy if they could be affected.

Who needs to take a medication that makes the skin more sensitive, should pay attention to a very good sun protection and in the lunch time, avoid the sun. The skin reactions are mainly caused by the UVA portion of the sun light. This is not to be held in by glass, or thin clothes. Therefore, the window glass protects without UV-absorbing films is not sufficient. The protection measures are not sufficient, the skin reaction to mitigate, you can reduce the prescribing doctor, the dose.


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