Memory foam, Spelt, or water: it uses a modern sleeping different pillow

The classic sleep were feathers, or synthetic materials such as Polyester pillows used to be made of real down filling made use of many manufacturers, nowadays, new fillings such as visco-elastic, gel foam, cereal grains, or even water. The orthopedic neck support pillows promise comfort for back and side sleepersby ideal to the body wrap and therefore the head as well as the shoulders optimum support to – so you better sleep can. Wherein the fillings vary in detail and which pillow is best suited for you, the following will be explained.

Sleep pillow made of Memory foam

The term “Memory” can be translated as “remembrance” – that is to say, the in sleep pillows included foam has the property of again and again to its original Form to remember and in this after getting back. He is also referred to as visco-elastic polyurethane foam, it is firm and elastic at the same time. For this reason, this filling in a number of orthopedic neck pillow for side and back sleepers because of the shape of the head and for an optimal sleeping position.

Sleep pillows from Spelt husks

The classic grain pillow for the treatment of discomfort in the abdominal area is often filled with Cherry stones, millet or wheat. Pillow with spelt husks (the shell), however, are particularly well-suited to neck pain counteract. The grains are free flowing, allowing you to customize the head movements in the night is ideal and the shoulders relieve. On the other you have the advantage that they absorb the heat and carry away – if you sweat while Sleeping in the head or neck area strong.

Sleeping pillows made of water

Water beds and there is a long, sleep pillows out of the water , however, are still quite new on the market: The orthopedic head and neck support pillow is made up of several layers, the core of a water-filled chamber – this can be via a valve filled or to be emptied. Thus, sides, back, and stomach sleepers, the possibility, the degree of hardness of your sleeping position individually. The pillow prevents neck problems and supports a healthy sleep. Especially if you move during the night.

You should note the pillow purchase

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