Hygiene against Corona: gloves make little sense

The Wearing of gloves, the population of experts from a variety of reasons, are critical. The measure is associated with more risks, than you’ll Use. Keep disposable gloves for everyday use in the fight against the Coronavirus for little sense.

To protect yourself from an infection with the Coronavirus, if hand washing is not possible, always carry more people in the General Public of disposable gloves – for example, when shopping or during a visit to the pharmacy. Experts see the Bear, however, critical. Hamburg’s consumer advice centre warns of a false security. The gloves are imparted to the wearer a sense of security, but the longer disposable gloves were worn, the more contaminated they were, it is said. Particularly problematic this could be, if you touch with the gloves in the face. In addition, use of occur during prolonged, inevitably, small, invisible holes in the rubber, thus reducing the protective effect. Also the skin I Wear the gloves. Hands sweat in gloves much faster, because the air intake is blocked. The claim the skin in particular. In addition, the growth of germs in the hand won favored Shoe by the moist, warm climate.

"Disposable gloves are for everyday use makes little sense. They can cause allergic reactions, damage the skin and cause unnecessary waste. Protective gloves should the medical staff bleiben&quot reserved;, the conclusion the consumer is.

"Hygienic mess großen Ausmaßes"

Physicians, too, spoke out against the Wearing of gloves in Public, including Dr. Marc Hanfeld, specialist in General medicine and anaesthesia. He made known his displeasure at the beginning of April on Twitter. "Stop wearing medical gloves in Public. This is a hygienic mess great Ausmaßes", he is criticized. Neither carrier nor Patient or Touched would be protected by medical gloves. Before and after use, hygienic hand disinfection is also necessary. "Would estimate that at least 50 percent of the health personnel are doing wrong. Non-professionals probably 99 Prozent", Hanfeld explained. "Medical gloves are porous. And under everyday use, they are still porous. In everyday medical practice they are intended for the reduction of larger impurities, for example, by contact with body fluids."