Coronavirus: children do not drive the pandemic

People under the age of 20 are diagnosed only half as often at Covid-19 like the Rest of the population. In addition, 80 percent of the infected young people have almost no symptoms. Should confirm that the Transfer is in such asymptomatic cases is low, so the closure of schools and daycare centers would be significantly less on the spread of Covid-19 impact than previously thought.

On the basis of data from China, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Canada, and South Korea, British researchers have come to the conclusion that under the 20-Year-old only half as often with Covid-19 infect as people about 20. Of the infected young people between 10 and 19 years, only 21 percent of the symptoms &ndash also showed; in the over 70-Year olds, in contrast, 69 percent of the Infected.

Model calculations for 146 main cities around the world showed that school closures – unlike in the case of Influenza outbreaks – just a little on the containment of the spread of the novel Coronavirus have been affected. The results of the study are in the journal "Nature Medicine" published.

No symptoms, still contagious?

Study leader Dr Nicholas Davies said: "We can not estimate exactly how infectious asymptomatic cases compared to symptomatic cases. However, there is some evidence that people without symptoms are less infectious than fully symptomatic persons." The researchers come to the conclusion that action for children could possibly have only a relatively small influence on the spread of Covid-19. In regions with older population groups could occur, however, a disproportionately high number of cases.