Car: So dangerous is the view on the phone is

During a brief moment on the Smartphone when driving a car considerable distances, can be placed blind. A large risk – not only for your own health and life. The German society for Orthopaedics and trauma surgery (DGOU) advises road users to deal with the formula is easy to calculate how long a blind flight is actually.

Three seconds on the Smartphone view, in city traffic, and has placed approximately 42 metres to the traffic around you is perceived. With 120 km/h on the highway even 100 meters out of the place. This can be quite simple with the path-time law to calculate: The distance travelled is the product of the speed and the time.

In addition, the energy in a crash at higher speed is greater. But not only in the car, the distraction can come to life through the mobile phone are dangerous, even as a pedestrian, cyclist, or with a E-Scooter can be a few seconds is crucial.

Just a few seconds are gefäa year

"We strongly advise, in the car, the mobile phone put aside. Because many accident injuries that we see in the emergency room, are seconds-long distraction of the driver entstanden", Prof. Dr. Michael J. Raschke, Deputy DGOU says-President and Director of the clinic for accident , Hand and reconstructive surgery at the University hospital of Münster.

Especially road users, are at risk between the ages of 18 and 24 years: in 2018, were 15.3 percent of all injured and 11.3 percent of all Fatalities in road traffic in this age group, although they represent in the total population, only 7.6 percent. ZOU

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