Vera Wang's Daughter Josephine Made a Super-Rare Appearance With Her Mom at the US Open

It seems like everyone is going to the US Open this year, from Hugh Jackman to legendary fashion designer Vera Wang. On August 29, Wang set out to attend the victory of Serena Williams on Day One of the US Open 2022 in NYC, but she didn’t come alone.

Wang arrived at the event with a very special, rarely-seen guest, her younger daughter Josephine Becker! And Josephine definitely has her mama’s impeccable, minimalist fashion sense! See the rare photo here:

Now, not a lot of people know Wang has daughters or really much about anything of what their dynamic was like. What we do know is that Wang has remained extremely close with her rarely-seen daughters, and it’s a wonderful thing to see her and her youngest out and about!

Wang and her ex-husband Arthur P. Becker adopted two daughters during their 23-year marriage: Cecilia, now 32, and Josephine Heloise, 29. Per the Sun, Josephine is a Harvard University graduate like Malia Obama, while her older sister Cecilia also graduated from a prestigious university: UPenn. While they accompanied their mom to quite a few A-list events, they kept their lives very private from the media.

In a previous interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Wang said she took on more of a “hippie” approach when it came to raising her two daughters, which was very unlike her own mother. “My mother was extremely controlled, sort of flawless. And I always tend to be a bit more hippie,” she said. “I don’t live through my kids. But I do know what will happen in life, and I just want them well prepared.”

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