‘The Chelsea Detective’ Star Sonita Henry Calls Childbirth ‘The Most Unnatural Natural Thing’

Sonita Henry didn’t have to act much to channel her character’s precarious and unsure feelings about becoming a mother. Henry stars as Priya Shamsie on Acorn TV, where she plays a no-nonsense detective who returns early from maternity leave to come back to work. In an exclusive interview with SheKnows, Henry recalls her own experience as a new mom, and got unfiltered about the PTSD from when she gave birth to her child. She also reveals why she was so excited to take on this role and depict a part of motherhood that we don’t often see on television – the uncertain nature of it all: “She’s suddenly got this tiny human that she doesn’t know what to do with.”

Henry opens up about giving birth to her daughter, who is now 5 years old: “I almost died. It was horrible. I have PTSD.” She goes on to say that “It’s the most unnatural, natural thing that women do.” She’s taken that experience and channeled into her role as Detective Shamsie, who’s perfectly put together at work but falling apart at home, in a struggle to balance career and motherhood.

Henry also reveals that as a longtime fan of shows like Cagney & Lacey, Law & Order and a lot of British crime shows, being the lead on a crime drama set in London is a dream role. Moreover, she’s proud of its diversity, representation, and honest stories with women at the center.

Watch the full video to find out what she has to say about motherhood, and her real feelings about childbirth.

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