Gabrielle Union & Kaavia's Adorable New Video Shows That They're The Sassiest Duo In the Family

Gabrielle Union and her daughter Kaavia proved that once again, they’re not to be messed with. On May 14th, Union posted a hilarious video featuring her and Kaavia being the sassiest duo out there.

She posted the video with the just-as hilarious caption, “Life Lessons 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 if they rejoice when you bounce, might be time to get right with your therapist. @kaaviajames.”

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In the video, we see Union responding to Kaavia’s babble rejoicing her mom for being back home by saying, “You’re like, ‘You gonna cry when I leave.’” Then we get an adorable Kaavia responding with a giggle and a long “Yeah.” Kaavia then looks at her father Dwyane Wade behind the screen, saying “Dada!” before turning to her mama and asking “You gonna say that to daddy?” Union responds by saying, “Oh mommy says that to daddy all the time. ‘You gonna cry when I leave!’” Then Union asks Kaavia, “Do you think daddy is gonna cry?” and without hesitation, Kaavia quietly says “Yes” before walking away.

Truly, they’re one of the sassiest mother-daughter duos in Hollywood and with every passing day, Kaavia is only getting feistier. (We love that for them!)

Back in Nov. 2018, Union and Wade welcomed their daughter Kaavia via surrogate. Union also mothers Wade’s three children from previous relationships named Zaire, 19, Zaya, 14, and Xavier, 8.

In a previous interview with We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle podcast, Union talked about what it means to be a parent to her. She said “Understand that you are never gonna be their parent, but you can be a consistent, loving, compassionate adult in their life that they can always count on. And you need to be the sanctuary in the storm.”

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