Drew Scott Is Proving It’s Never Too Soon to Start With the Dad Jokes & Followers Are Getting in on the Fun

Drew Scott may only have a 1-year-old, but he is not wasting any time breaking out the dad jokes. And it’s as cute as it is cringe-worthy (because, ya know, dad jokes). The HGTV star posted a video on his Instagram of him holding his son Parker in front of him, telling a set of dad jokes that is sure to get him a Netflix special. OK, maybe not that. But if HGTV ever does a comedy night, they have a headliner!

“When does a dad joke become a dad joke?” Scott asked the little boy, just gearing up. “When it’s a-parent.”

“Want to hear a joke about paper?” he continued. “Never mind, it’s tear-able.”

“Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon? Because she’ll ‘Let It Go,’” he said, belting out the signature Frozen tune.

The Property Brothers star just kept going, but Parker was not impressed. “Looks like I have to step up my #DadJoke game. Any suggestions? 🤔,” Scott captioned the video.

And boy did that open the floodgates. Followers were quick to chime in with jokes that will hopefully get Parker to crack a smile. If nothing else, they will definitely make Scott — who shares Parker with his wife Linda Phan — chuckle.

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“How much does a chimney cost? Nothing. It’s on the house.” “Why did the cookie go to the doctor? It was feeling crumby. 😂” “What has two knees and swims??? Tunie fish.”

Little Parker was the funny one recently, certainly making us laugh. But not the kind of carefree laughs from hearing a dad joke. More of a “I’m slowly losing my sanity and if I don’t laugh I’ll cry” laugh. Scott shared a video of his son’s playroom. At the start, Parker is sitting in a tidy room, but before Scott knows it, the place is in shambles.

“When you finally finish cleaning but the house is messy again 5 seconds later,” Scott wrote. “A year ago, I said I’d keep Parker’s play area clean. But now…😳 #parenting.”

“Demo day,” a commenter joked because based on the mess Parker made, he must plan on becoming a renovator just like his dad and uncle.

Someday, Parker will be old enough to roll his eyes at his dad’s corny jokes. For now, he’s probably thinking, “When your dad finally finishes his dad jokes but he grabs the mic again 5 seconds later.”

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