Woman left 'looking like Quasimodo' after using carrot tanning oil

Let this be a lesson to us all: please, please use sunblock and be careful in the heat.

Bethany Mason, 21, was left ‘looking like Quasimodo’ after suffering an extreme reaction to the sun, which caused her face to swell so much she couldn’t see.

On holiday in Turkey, Bethany decided to use carrot oil in an attempt to develop a healthy glow, not realising that the product didn’t contain any SPF.

She developed sun poisoning; an extreme sunburn which happens when someone is exposed to the sun’s UV rays for too long without protection.

Her face swelled so much that her eyes were forced shut.

Bethany said: ‘A friend of mine had come back looking so brown – so when I asked her what she’d used, and she’d said carrot oil, I got myself some for the holiday.

‘I looked a bit like Quasimodo. Or that creep from the film Wrong Turn. It just didn’t look real. My eyes were swollen shut. I didn’t look like a person.

‘I had to stay under the umbrella, or indoors, for the treatment to work.

‘I’d be sitting around the pool and my boyfriend would be like – “Bethany, please put your glasses back on! People are staring!”

‘Poor Callum – we’d only been going out two months at that point. He was shocked. Luckily it only lasted a few days.’

Bethany was in Marmaris, Turkey, last June when she used Malibu Fast Tanning Oil with Carotene during a day by the pool.

She said she felt ‘really under the weather’ after their first day hanging out at the Grand Pasa Hotel pool.

Despite feeling a bit off, Bethany and Callum went out to enjoy the nightlife – then woke up the next morning to a shock.

Bethany’s face had swollen beyond all recognition, she couldn’t see anything as her eyelids had swollen shut, and her forehead felt ‘mushy, like it was full of water’.

A doctor diagnosed her with sun poisoning, giving her injections and tablets to treat the swelling.

It took three days for the swelling to disappear, but even after that Bethany had to stay out of the sun for the rest of her holiday… and she didn’t even get a tan.

‘I came back all pale like before I went away,’ said Bethany.

A spokesperson for Malibu said: ‘There are many possible causes of the reaction and we suggest that she seeks the opinion of a doctor or dermatologist.

‘It is possible that she is allergic to something she has put on her skin, all ingredients we use in our products are common ingredients and we believe it would be in her interest to find out what it is that she is allergic to.

‘The product she has used has no SPF inside.

‘It is just a tanning oil and we advise on the bottle for ‘dark skin’ and we reiterate that it provides no protection from the sun.

‘This is the first complaint we have received with regards to this particular product.’

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