Reddit Loves This Woman's 'Energy Diet' Excuse for a Fertility Shaming MIL

My favorite “diet” ever just dropped, and it has nothing to do with calories, nutrition, or even human bodies. No, this “diet” is the kind that we can actually get behind, as it requires abstaining from anything that bothers you, makes you uncomfortable, and/or puts you on the spot, thereby wasting your energy.

The iconic concept, dubbed an “energy diet,” was created by an understandably fed up woman who took to Reddit’s “Am I the Asshole?” (AITA) forum to share its origin story, and query whether or not she was the asshole for remaining on it. 

As is often the case on the constantly chaotic subreddit, it all started with an overly-opinionated parent-in-law. “My MIL [mother-in-law] has a tradition, and that’s hosting weekly family dinners at her house where everyone visits. In every dinner she hosts she’d find a way to comment about my hair, body, job, age, and worst of all my infertility. It upsets me, makes me feel uncomfortable and puts me on the spot. MIL says she’s just looking out for me and my husband thinks I’m being too sensitive,” OP (the original poster) began.

AITA for telling my MIL about my "Energy Diet" and saying it’s the reason why I don’t come to her weekly family dinners anymore? from AmItheAsshole

Things then managed to take a turn for the worse, with OP’s MIL rudely weighing in on her fertility struggles. According to OP, MIL said to “hurry up and get pregnant soon” because she’s “not getting any younger.” Fed up (understandably so), OP then decided she no longer felt comfortable at these dinners and would no longer attend, thus prompting her husband to “throw a fit.” (This is when it becomes clear that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.)

A few skipped dinners later, MIL called OP to ask if she’d be attending the following week, as husband, afraid to ‘offend’ his opinionated parents, lied and said his wife was sick. That’s when OP let her mother-in-law have it (yay!), telling her no, she would not attend, and no, she wasn’t sick. “I”m actually on a diet,” OP said, much to MIL’s optimism. “She laughed and said that I ‘needed to lose a few pounds’ and she’d make ‘some healthy side dishes’ just to get me to come.” (How does it keep getting worse?!)

“But I said, ‘oh no, I’m actually on an energy diet. This means that if there’s anything that bothers me, makes me uncomfortable, or puts me on the spot, then I don’t want it and don’t want to waste my energy on it,” she added. Unsurprisingly, her MIL did not appreciate this, and neither did her pushover son. OP’s husband yelled at her upon getting home, accusing her of being overly sensitive and telling his family “F**k y’all to their faces.”

30 minutes of arguing later, OP’s husband took her phone and tried to get her to call and apologize — or in his words, “unf**k” what she had just “f**ked.” But OP refused, taking back her phone and turning it off, at which point the husband “got more livid” and said she “has ‘one day’ to make this right and start showing his family some respect.”

If your jaw is on the floor, you are not alone. “Tell your husband I hate him,” one user said in reply. Another echoed the sentiment: ““You have a husband problem,” while a third weighed in: “OP your boundaries and feelings are NOT drama!”

Atop a chorus of commenters asserting that the husband was the real problem, hundreds more concurred that they, too, wanted to go on “energy diets.” “I really like the energy diet! I might steal it from you one day,” the top comment reads, while others encouraged OP to remove thue husband as part of the diet moving forward. “Sounds like he should be the next thing to go for her energy diet, if you ask me. NTA.”

May OP, and everyone who’s experienced unwarranted commentary on their bodies and/or ability to get pregnant, enjoy energy diets forevermore.

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