Prohibited substance in Germany-Fanschminke found

After the discovery of substances hazardous to health in the world make up the Federal state of Baden-Württemberg has extended pins of the investigations. The experts now for a further 30 samples, announced the Ministry of consumer protection m Thursday (26. June) in Stuttgart. In the make-up a prohibited substance has been discovered, suspected, to cause cancer, was pins part.

On Wednesday, the Ministry had informed that the investigation offices in the country in 14 of 14 samples of make-up pencils in the colors black-red-had gold complains of prohibited or non-declared, dyes and pigments. All products have been pulled from the market. A concrete health risk is not stock but. The results of the additional 30 samples will be available according to the Ministry in ten to 14 days.

9 out of 14 samples contained dye Red

“This is a very bitter result,” said head of division Manfred Edelhäuser from the Ministry of the previous Tests. Often it was at the football world Cup, offered a Fan-make-up pens traded for goods from China. Because of violations of the European cosmetics regulation is likely to be no longer sold. In 9 of the 14 samples of the dye Red was found, is suspected to cause cancer. The dye has been prohibited since 1993 in cosmetics.

Deficiencies in the identification

Also, a yellow dye has been criticised, because they could not identify him at all. It is believed that this is not allowed. Other defects there were in the labelling: for example, the auditor complained that the ingredients have not been called, the batch number or the information on the shelf was missing.

The manufacturer of the make-up of the pins and the product name is not called the Ministry with reference to legal reasons. Other affected Federal States and the consumer protection Ministry in Berlin had been informed, it said. According to the Ministry, a make-up pen is marketed under the official FIFA license exclusive. Here, the manufacturers have assured that the regulations are complied with. This should now be investigated.