Jeremy Vine: TV host issues stark warning about Covid as he battles symptoms – ‘stay in!’

Covid: Dr Hilary Jones provides update as UK infection rates rise

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Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine is currently bedridden with Covid. In a video he posted on Twitter, the host described his symptoms. He said: “Sore throat, headache [coughs]. Aches and pains.”

The presenter continued: “I am in bed with it. It being Covid. Years ago I would have come to work with this. If you can walk you can work.

“But obviously that’s not possible now.”

Referring to the presenters he works with on the Jeremy Vine show, he said “100 percent of our presenters have got it. That means there must be a lot of it about”.

He criticised the Government for not adequately communicating the public health message. 

“Why isn’t the Government mentioning it? Why isn’t it urging anyone vulnerable to stay indoors?”

Displaying his positive lateral flow test to camera, he said: “That’s a big red line there.

“There is a lot of it about now.”

He continued: “Shouldn’t they [the Government] be saying ‘lock up your daughters’ or ‘tie your mother down’ or ‘just stay in if you’re vulnerable’.

“We’ve not heard a peep. I’m guessing they’re too busy.”

Vine’s comments come after as many as 1.7m people in the UK recorded a Covid infection in the last week.

Covid has passed the 250,000-a-day mark in the UK, rising by 130 percent in only three weeks.

Daily symptomatic cases have more than doubled this month, rising from 114,030 on June 1 to 262,380 on Friday, according to the latest figures on the ZOE Covid Study app.

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