Is Herpes transmitted by lip balms?

Can lip-care products actually transmitted Herpes?

According to experts, about two out of three people are infected with herpes viruses. Many do not realize this but even. Therefore, it can easily happen, others unconsciously with the virus to infect. It is often said that Herpes can also be lip balms transferred. That’s true, but really?

Harmful substances in lip care

For many people, it is, of course, to have always a balm for their lips to Hand. Studies have shown, however, that some of these pens a great health danger, because they contain substances that may be carcinogenic. Were found in an older study, carried out for the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of consumer protection, mineral oils in lip care. In addition, you should be able to infect about lip balms with Herpes. An expert sheds light on whether this is actually true.

It is often said that you can infect also lip balms with Herpes. That’s true, but really? (Image: Dan Race/

Most people catch the virus in Childhood

Herpes is extremely widespread, up to 90 percent of the population carry the virus in itself. Worldwide, two out of three people will be infected.

Anyone who has been infected with the Virus, cannot get rid of it. It lies dormant, in order to again and again in the Form of annoying blisters break out.

Most of the people acquire herpes viruses early in Childhood. After a single infection, the viruses remain for life in your body.

“In times of defensive weaknesses of the body, for example, in the case of Stress, colds, fever, Menstruation and exposure to the sun can lead to the reactivation of the virus, and discomfort,” explains the technician health insurance (TK) to your website.

Also anxiety, hormonal fluctuations or medications that suppress the immune system, are known risk factors.

Usually no lasting adverse health effects

Among the eight known human herpes viruses the Herpes simplex Virus that causes the familiar blisters around the mouth (Herpes in the mouth or lips herpes or Herpes labialis), varicella-Zoster Virus, the chickenpox and shingles and the Epstein-Barr Virus, which triggers mononucleosis and is also at the origin of many cancers is involved, among others.

Although infections with herpes virus the majority of people do not affect the health, patients with a severely weakened immune system – for example, after transplantation – difficulties, the virus to be kept under control.

This can lead to rejection reactions and serious organ damage and even death.

For babies, a herpes virus can infection of fatal, such as various cases have shown.

How do you get Herpes?

But how do you get infected anyway? “Herpes is easily transferable. A particularly high risk exists in the case of direct contact with the blisters or ulcers, for example when Kissing or during Sex,“ writes the German AIDS-help on your website.

“But Herpes can also be used by droplet – and smear infection passed on, so, for example, by coughing, Sneezing or sharing a glass”, – stated there.

In addition, the Virus can enter “from one body region to another, for example, over the hands.”

Can you get infected pens but also about lip care, as is often claimed?

Dry lips are more prone to viruses

For dry lips the natural skin’s weakened barrier, which is why they are generally more susceptible to viruses.

Therefore, it is, according to experts, about a lip balm with Herpes to infect. However, this risk is low.

“Outside of the human body, Herpes-virus-survive-not even for a Minute,” said the dermatologist Uta Schlossberger compared with the editors ‘ network Germany (RND).

In addition, the pathogen could be transmitted only in the outbreak phase, i.e., fresh bubbles.

Cream instead of pen

To ensure you can use instead of a balm, a cream to treat dry lips. The expert also advises to fat-containing balm.

“It is important that the cream is free from silicones and parabens – otherwise the skin may be more susceptible to inflammation,” says Berger Castle, according to the RND.

Are recommended, among other things, products based on bees wax. Especially lip balm with Manuka honey due to its high anti-bacterial effect is very popular.

Treatment of Herpes

Although Herpes can virus not remove from the body, but medications can reduce their multiplication in the body.

“Most of the time, the anti-viral active ingredients as a cream to be applied on the affected areas,” writes the German AIDS help.

“But they can also be administered in the Form of tablets or injections if the disease takes a severe course, or a stronger onset of the disease is to be prevented,” says the expert.

Natural Help

As a quick help, also ice cubes and a Eispad offer. These should be pressed in a kitchen towel wrapped for several minutes to the affected area.

As a result, the tingling and itching can be alleviated often. But be careful: the ice must not be placed directly on the skin, because otherwise threaten frostbite.

Also home remedies such as Lemon balm oil can help. This could also be scientifically proven.

As laboratory tests showed, the researchers of the University of Heidelberg, that the essential Oil Herpes can block viruses. As a result, the bubbles disappear faster. (ad)