How to stop snoring if hay fever is disturbing your sleep

The weather is warmer and the days are getting lighter and longer – which is all great news, unless you have hay fever.

We are heading into peak allergy season, which can mean misery with thousands left sniggling, sneezing and congested as plants, grass and trees come into bloom.

Hay fever doesn’t only have an impact on our spring days either, it can disrupt our sleep and even lead to snoring and difficulties breathing at night. And snoring can have an impact both on the sleeper and anyone who happens to be in the same room.

The experts at bed retailer Happy Beds, has teamed up with Katherine Hall, a psychologist in sleep from Somnus Therapy, to share their top tips to help snorers, and their sleep-deprived partners.

Some of the anti-snoring techniques are a little bit unexpected:

Repeat your vowels out loud 

‘Anti-snoring throat exercises are a great way to strengthen the muscles in your throat and stop them from vibrating as you sleep – the cause of snoring,’ says Katherine.

‘A few times a day spend a few minutes repeating each of the vowels (a-e-i-o-u) out loud and over time you’ll strengthen those all-important muscles.’

Take a hot shower before bed 

Katherine explains that in many cases, snoring is caused by allergens irritating the nasal passages and causing them to narrow.

‘Have a hot shower before bed and the steam will help to moisten those nasal passages and help you breathe better during the night, in turn, this should ease any snoring problems,’ she suggests.

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