How to sleep in the heat: Expert warns of pyjama mistake to avoid it could make you hot

Snoring: Doctor explains how to sleep better at night

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One mistake some experts want people to avoid is one often considered a ‘life hack’.

Although the practice sounds practical if unusual, experts are warning people not to make the mistake of sticking their pyjamas in the fridge or freezer.

Sleep expert James Wilson says this won’t help cool someone down.

Instead, it will result in their body temperature rising instead.

Speaking on the subject, Wilson said: “When hot weather comes around there are some tips given out that may sound like they would work when actually they really don’t.

“An example of this may be putting your bedding/pyjamas in the fridge or freezer or wearing wet socks to bet, but they both have the same problem.”

Wilson said these two approaches “will add more moisture to your sleep environment and that moisture will heat up during the night”.

As a result, Wilson says “this moisture will heat up and is likely to wake you as you come out of your sleep cycle”.

However, while Wilson says one method can be problematic for those attempting to sleep this summer, he does have an alternative.

Wilson explained the reason why lukewarm water is recommended is because the ice cold feeling of ice cold water “will shock your body, making it feel more active and more than likely prolonging the process of getting sleep”.

As well as avoiding putting pyjamas in the fridge or freezer, other tips for how to get to sleep this summer come courtesy of sleep expert Alison Jones.

She suggests several ways for people to sleep in the heat.

These include keeping the feet and head cool; speaking to, she said: “By keeping these key areas cooler, and away from the heat of the covers, it will help lower core temperature.”

Other tips by the sleep expert included:
• Switching to lighter bedding
• Changing the colour of the sheets
• Buying a new mattress
• Not sleeping naked
• Sleeping on the body’s side
• Exercising in the morning.

While not all these tips may be needed, some may be helpful as the mercury rises.

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