Home and Away spoilers: Bella leaves Colby bleeding after brutal attack

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) have had their wires crossed over the status of their relationship, and it’s been clear from the start that Bella (Courtney Miller) hasn’t approved of them being together. When Coco (Anna Cocquerel) incorrectly tells her that Ziggy didn’t see their hookup in the desert as anything more than a bit of fun, her anger at the situation peaks.

She goes to tell Willow (Sarah Roberts), saying she needs to warn Dean, but is left frustrated when Willow refuses to get involved. Wanting to keep her family unit intact and prevent Dean from getting hurt by Ziggy, she storms over to the Surf Club to confront her.

Meanwhile, Colby (Tim Franklin) is confiding in Irene (Lynne McGranger) about the situation with Bella, saying that since stowing away in the back of Ziggy and Dean’s car, making it all the way to the outback without being discovered, he’s beginning to think he can’t give her the stable home life she needs.

At the Surf Club, Bella sees Dean and Ziggy together, and lets rip at her, telling Dean that she’s using him. Ziggy realises what Coco must have said, and begins to admit that she did say that, but that isn’t how it really is. Dean says she doesn’t have to justify herself, but before Ziggy can say anything more, Colby enters and sees his sister in the middle of the confrontation.

He tries to drag Bella home, telling her not to get involved in the situation, but Bella is consumed with rage and grabs a pool ball from the table, cracking him over the head with it as he grabs her arm to try and take her with him. Colby immediately lets go and raises his hand to his head, which is now bleeding. Horrified, Bella realises the seriousness of what she’s done and runs out of the Surf Club, with Dean chasing her…

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