Healthcare expanding landscape and cyber threats

Health Systems and Life Sciences organizations continue to be exposed to ransomware attacks during the global pandemic with increased impact to patient care and exposure to large global integrated health delivery systems. Patients have recognized significant patient care impacts such as rescheduled surgeries, increased patient wait times, delayed COVID-19 test results, and challenges filling prescription medications. This presentation will provide healthcare executives a guide to understanding how their organization is positioned to protect against emerging ransomware threats.

In this podcast, we will:

  • Provide thought leadership to current cyber security events
  • Discuss proactive best practices to protect health systems against ransomware threats and organizational incident response
  • Share industry experience and how they have impacted health systems operationally
  • Consider Merger, Partnership, and Integrations impact to Cyber Security Risk
  • Talk about how Technology and Organizational Governance alignment is key
  • Educate leaders on what core security program elements should be foundationally in place and what leading security programs are doing

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