Extreme Transformation: Tattoo-Model is genitals remove

90 per cent of his body are tattooed. However, this is not the Poland Adam Curlykale still extreme enough. Now the 32-Year-old had his genitals and nipples removed.

The reason for such a disease, as many Fans initially thought is not. The OP was merely another step in his transformation plan. “I have a very specific Vision for my body and I’m doing step for step.”

Curlykale traveled to the Mexican city of Guadalajara, to lay there under the knife. In Jardines hospital, the Doctors then performed the zero pre-OP – a radical removal of the sexual parts.

Directly after his surgery, the Tattoo Model posted a picture on Instagram. Underneath it he wrote: “I just had a zero pre-OP. I have lost a lot of blood. Veronica is with me. She watches over me.“


Encouragement and criticism on Instagram

In the next few days, the now genderless Curlykale kept his Fans on Instagram to date. He published a picture from the hospital holding hands with his girlfriend Veronica. She is a transsexual, and supported Adam.


In the network, the transformation of Poland triggered a wave of mainly positive comments and remarks. For the most part, words of encouragement, which are posted under his photos: “Enjoy the transformation and if you want to be,” writes a User. Another adds: “You and Veronica are a great Inspiration for me. You are so brave and you are as you are in a sick world. The most beautiful kind of Rebellion“. But some Fans are also blankly: “Physically, he can’t love you right now”.